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Have you drank your sunshine today?

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Have you drank your sunshine today?

The latest and greatest thing to hit Beverly Hills Plastic Surgery Inc starts at the inside, not the outside! Shocking!

As we all know, the best cosmetic is excellent health. Not only do you develop a glow, but having good health is like having money in the bank. But seriously, who among of us is really hitting up the vegetable aisle in the grocery store? I’m looking at candy bars personally!

Pure Inventions to the rescue!!! It is a light tasting water additive that does AMAZING things to beautify your insides, WITHOUT calories, artificial sweeteners, caffeine, sugar, gluten, sodium or preservatives.

Pure Inventions was developed by best friend Certified Clinical Nutritionists and Consultants. Don’t best friends always come up with the best stuff? D3+ is our supplement of choice, it gives you your daily Vitamin D3 plus the added benefits of green tea.

How does it taste? It is naturally sweetened with LoHan fruit and Stevia leaf and Valencia orange, all which are naturally derived and good for you. Each serving contains 1000 IU’s of Vitamin D3 which is like getting 20 minutes of sun exposure. Drinking your sunshine, minus the sun damage!!!

D3 is important for overall health, bone structure and immune support. Green Tea fights free radicals that promote premature AGING (yikes), it promotes natural energy, skin cell rejuvenation, supports metabolism, balances blood sugar, promotes healthy cardiovascular and cholesterol and aids in dental and digestive health.

Phew, that’s enough to make a stalk of spinach jealous!!! Plus, it is so easy to use. A dropper full in eight ounces of water is all you need. The water will also help keep you hydrated and flush out toxins. What a great habit to get into!!!

Stop in and sample a glass. BHPS is always on the cutting edge of great health and great looks. Ask Dr. Chiu!


Farms in Beverly Hills? Mooooooooo

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Farms in Beverly Hills? Mooooooooo

Remember Green Acres? Eva Gabor in overalls? The Beverly Hillbillies? Well, the SPA @ Beverly Hills Plastic Surgery, Inc. has joined the trend with Farmhouse Fresh, the most delectable hand and body crèmes to come along. Not only do these products smell like heaven, they are also packed full of the most natural and nourishing ingredients available.

Each delicious jar is between 88-99.6% natural, is free of parabens , sulfates and mineral oils.

We are currently offering:
**Whoopie Cream, it has a vanilla, cake batter scented whipped crème, with Shea butter, natural oil blend and Vitamin E, the moisture lasts for hours. You will want to say ‘Whoopie’ when you use it.

**Sweet Cream Body Milk Lotion, it pours like milk, light and smooth, has 6 natural oils and is in an adorable handled cruet in a cow covered gift box.

**Backcountry Caramel Body Milk Lotion, it has a soft caramel scent with a hint of peppercorn. It has a more natural vegetable base formula and a light silky application.

** Honey Heel Glaze, which is like an instant pedicure. You brush on and leave on a delicious smelling moisture serum that is made with honey, live unprocessed papaya and pineapple fruit cells and aloe. Comes in a gift box with a darling brush applicator

These products are natural, vegan and gluten free. It is used in spa treatments at 5 star destination resorts and luxury spas. No wonder the SPA @ Beverly Hills Plastic Surgery is carrying it!!! It is also very affordable and comes in vintage chic packaging- all glass.

What a wonderful gift for yourself or your dearest friends! You’ll want to grab a bunch and get to your nearest square dance or tractor pull! Or not! Whatever you are up to, you will smell terrific!!!