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Everything You Need to Know about a Tummy Tuck – from the Consultation to the Results

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Everything You Need to Know about a Tummy Tuck – from the Consultation to the Results

For some patients, the midsection can be labeled as a distinctive “problem” area when it comes to achieving a flattering shape. Toning the abdominal muscles and flattening out the tummy with diet and exercise can be easier said than done, and discouraging if no positive results ensue. Patients who have experienced significant weight loss or have given birth often find that their major life change has left a lingering reminder in the form of excess abdominal skin.

A tummy tuck, or abdominoplasty, involves removing this loose skin and stubborn fat and tightening abdominal muscles in order to achieve a flatter and firmer midsection.

Every patient’s plastic surgery experience is different and personal, stemming from a variety of reasons, and concluding with unique results. The road to an improved body contour with a tummy tuck begins with a thorough plan. This unique plan can organize the surgery process by customizing an approach that suits the patient’s needs and goals for their body structure.

The Consultation

The initial tummy tuck consultation is an important time for both the patient and the doctor. For all involved, it’s an opportunity to have questions answered, address any concerns, and cover the facts, risks and benefits of the procedure itself.

This consultation also involves an evaluation of the patient’s general health, medical history, and an assessment of the abdominal area. Not all abdominal sections are the same, so assessing the extent of loose skin and fatty tissue will help determine which type of procedure is the most suitable.

The Main Methods of Tummy Tucks

Full or Traditional

In this procedure, the entire abdomen area is addressed, above and below the navel. Horizontal incision near the bikini line is made. Then the skin and underlying fat is undermined to repair abdominal muscles, and to pull and remove excess skin and fatty tissue.

Partial or “Mini”

This is the “lite” version of a full abdominoplasty. A similar shaped, but smaller incision is made to improve the appearance of a patient’s tummy that protrudes from below the belly button.

Lateral Tension

A single curved incision is used to tighten the skin at the sides of the abdomen, rather than the center. With this technique, the waist and the contours of the upper thighs can become more defined.


This type of tummy tuck is designed for those who have excess skin and fat in the upper abdominal area only. In this case, an incision is made under the breast fold to pull and tighten the skin upwards.


Using a small incision, weakened abdominal wall muscles are repaired and the belly button can be repositioned to a more natural position.

In addition to making decisions about the best technique or surgical option, a tummy tuck consultation provides a great opportunity for a patient to get to know their plastic surgeon and feel more confident about their upcoming surgery.

The Surgery

In the weeks leading up to their surgery, patients should carefully follow their doctor’s advice on health and preparation tummy tuck treatment. Generally speaking, patients are advised to quit smoking and stop taking certain medications, some of which can cause increased bleeding. A detox program may also be recommended.

For abdominoplasty patients, surgery begins with being placed under general anesthesia. Following this, the surgeon proceeds to make incisions based upon the decided tummy tuck type. During surgery, liposuction is often used as the fat removal technique, and can also be performed on other areas of the body to improve more contours. Depending on the extent of the procedure, patients can expect the surgery duration to last from one to four hours.

The Recovery & The Results

As with any type of surgery, the recovery period is vital to ensure proper healing and the best results. Immediately after the procedure, patients can expect to experience some tenderness, pain, and swelling in the treated areas.

Wearing a compression garment will help control swelling, and medications, muscle relaxers and supplements may be prescribed to provide relief during the recovery phase.

During the first few weeks after a tummy tuck, patients should not be exposed to strenuous activities or exercise. Very light physical movements can be performed, but a patient should try to focus on resting as their body adjusts to the surgical changes.

Typically, patients notice tummy tuck results after about a month. A full recovery, with apparent improvements in the midsection, may occur in as little as three months.

Getting a Flatter Midsection with a Tummy Tuck

For many patients, a firmer and flatter tummy not only helped refine their silhouette, but it also gave their self-confidence a boost. If you are considering a tummy tuck, please contact Beverly Hills Plastic Surgery, Inc. by calling (888) 754-8955 to request a consultation. Our experienced plastic surgeon, Dr. Gabriel Chiu, can help determine which procedure is right for you to achieve the look you desire. 


What Makes Dr. Gabriel Chiu’s Office a Unique Experience?

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What Makes Dr. Gabriel Chiu’s Office Unique?

Plastic surgery has given millions the chance to improve areas of dissatisfaction and enhance their overall appearance. In these cases, the importance of obtaining a skilled and knowledgeable plastic surgeon is basically undeniable. That being said, perhaps one of the more undervalued aspects of cosmetic surgery is the element of providing patients with the utmost quality care and amenities. In his luxurious Beverly Hills spa office, renowned plastic surgeon Dr. Gabriel Chiu, combines the best of both worlds to transform a procedure, into a memorable experience.

Surrounded by Comfort

For some patients, altering their appearance can create a certain degree of anxiety and apprehension. Dr. Chiu’s state-of-the-art office focuses on creating a relaxing and luxurious atmosphere for his patients, with modern amenities such as Bose sound systems, plasma televisions, and lounge-style exam chairs with built-in iPod speakers. Patients can watch their favorite TV shows and movies through Netflix while enjoying healthy, tasty and personalized snacks and beverages.

Treatments at the the Medispa further add to the element of comfort. By offering patients the most advanced skincare techniques in a comfortable lounge environment, they will always be red-carpet ready.

Rooted in Credibility

When it comes to plastic surgery, referrals say a lot about a surgeon’s character, bedside manner, and talent. Referrals are not the primary display of universal results, which is why reviews of patient experiences can reveal a lot  about a surgeon’s expertise and credibility.

Dr. Chiu has earned his credibility through his education, his experience, and of course, his results. He has earned the support of thousands of satisfied patients, including celebrities and non-celebrities alike. He offers the VIP experience to each patient, and values the importance of quality patient care, for every non-invasive treatment or extensive surgical procedure.

“I recently had breast augmentation performed by Dr. Gabriel Chiu. I was so nervous about which doctor to choose for such an important procedure as this. I am 100% satisfied and grateful that I was referred to Dr. Chiu and decided to have him perform my surgery.” – Kristin C. (Yelp)

From the moment you walk into this fine establishment you are treated with the utmost respect and top customer service. They are fully staffed with the highest trained professionals who treat you like you are royalty.” Cal I. (Yelp)

Reliable & Unique

Dr. Chiu’s office sets the bar high when it comes to style and modern amenities. But in no way is skill or care any less important. Instead, Beverly Hills Plastic Surgery offers an all-encompassing experience, where a patient can achieve their personal aesthetic goals in a caring and comfortable environment.  

If you are interested in visiting Dr. Chiu’s office for a unique plastic surgery experience or have questions, call us at (310) 888-8087 to request a consultation.