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Granny Hands

Granny Hands

Billions of dollars are being spent every year by people wanting to reverse the aging process, or at least look younger than they are. There is so much attention for treatment being placed on the face and neck that people are neglecting another area that will give their age away: the hands.

 First of all, your hands get as much (and sometimes more) sun exposure than your face. Next, we rarely, if ever, use sunblock on our hands. We also rarely use skin care on them. Sure many people have manicures, but who do you know is regularly applying exfoliants, moisturizers, or skin lightening agents on the hands? Since applying makeup to the hands is not common practice, not even concealer tricks can prevent the appearance of ‘granny hands’. Finally, just about the only place we wish we could add some weight as we get older are our hands. We associate thin skin, exposed tendons and bones, sun spots, and loss of volume in our hands with aging. It’s no wonder that our hands give away our true age.

 However, what are some other reasons that may cause hands to age?

Sun exposure causing actinic damage (discoloration, lines, thinning), lack of protection (not using moisturizers, excess exposure to temp extremes, rough work), chemical exposure (cleansers, acids, ammonia).

 How can you avoid having aged hands?

Limit exposure to sun and use protection. All skin care products that are placed on the face and neck can also be used on the back of the hands. A good habit is to apply excess facial products (moisturizers, skin lightening or brightening, etc.) on them whenever applied to the face. Our SPA patients have ‘hand-cials’ during their facials, and chemical peels to hand and face concurrently.

 What can you do if your hands are already looking their age?

Chemical peels will improve pigmentation, lines, wrinkles, stimulate collagen production (to thicken skin), and brighten the skin. Basically, reverse the signs of aging. This can also be done over the long term by using medical grade skin care products containing growth factors, stem cells, hormones, and ingredients that stimulate collagen production.

If loss of volume is a concern, restoration using fillers such as Radiesse or Restylane can correct the problem.

Is plastic surgery a reasonable option? Why/why not?

Plastic surgery is a very good alternative for someone wanting more permanent, longer lasting results than what they get with filler alone. It is also a more natural result for someone with very thin skin. Fat is harvested and purified for injection into the back of the hands. Not only does this procedure restore the loss of volume, but the adipose (fat) stem cells will also stimulate an anti-aging effect to occur.