Botox: How it Addresses Less Obvious Signs of Aging

October 11th, 2016 | Posted in: Botox Treatments |

What age should a person get Botox injections? In their 20s, 30s, or 60s? In the past, it was assumed that Botox was a remedy for Hollywood starlets who had passed their mid-century birthdays and wanted to rewind the clock by a couple of decades. As doctors and patients have learned more about its benefits, the age for starting routine injections now begins in the mid-to-late 20s, with more and more men and women looking to prevent their wrinkles before they have a chance to really begin.

It is now the Hollywood trend to begin addressing those less noticeable fine lines that appear when we are making normal facial expressions such as laughing, frowning, or concentrating.Botox is a non-surgical procedure, so there are no scars, no general anesthesia and no downtime. Since it is almost impossible to nothave movement in your face, Botox is the best way to combat aging.

Stop the Process

Botox works best when it is used for fine lines that haven’t quite set, meaning that they only appear when you move your facial muscles. The ingredients in Botox, which are a purified form of botulinum toxin A, relax the facial muscles by blocking the nerves that cause the muscles to contract. Without the movement of the muscles, collagen (a protein that helps with skin elasticity) will remain intact so the fine lines cannot deepen and form folds in the skin that are constantly visible.  For this reason, most physicians see Botox not only as a treatment for wrinkles but also as a preventive measure.


Ava, 37.

Most people choose to have Botox every 3-4 months since the effects are not permanent. As you continue to receive the routine injections, you will notice that your fine lines and wrinkles are not as deep or as noticeable when the Botox wears off as they were after your first treatment. Without movement, they can only get better, not worse!

Smooth Your Face

We know that Botox is used to prevent fine lines from forming, but it is also used for softening the appearance of wrinkles. Wrinkles that have set can cause a person to have a permanent “look” and also can make them appear years older. For example, have you ever seen someone who always looks like they are angry, or someone who looks like they are frowning even when they are actually smiling? These are the effects of the deep creases that form between the eyebrows and around the mouth. Receiving Botox in these areas alleviates these signs, causing the face to have a more approachable and relaxed appearance.

Men, especially, like to get injections in these areas to help with first impressions when they are interviewing for a job or going out on a first date. A constant angry scowl can quickly turn off a potential partner or possible employer. Botox can be used in multiple areas, so if you have more than one problem area, they can all be treated at the same time.


Stephen, 44.

It is common for potential Botox users to have a fear of complications like not looking natural or having “facial freezing” where they have absolutely no movement in their face. If you want to avoid the dreaded “plastic” face, make sure to use Botox in moderation and only let an expert plastic surgeon or dermatologist administer your injections. It’s extremely safe when used correctly, and your ability to express your full range of movement will remain intact.


As life happens and sleep is eluded, our face tends to take on a haggard appearance. We may only be 35, but with two kids, three dogs and a husband/wife, we feel like we are 50. Botox can help to relax the facial muscles that cause us to look way older than we are. If you are used to crinkling your forehead in concentration as you help your child with math homework, Botox will prevent this crinkling. This is a fabulous benefit of Botox, because sometimes our expressions are automatic and we make them without thinking.

On another note, Botox can do more than just smooth wrinkles. If you want to give your eyes a younger, more open look, a skilled cosmetic surgeon can inject Botox into the muscles around the eye that control the downward movement of brows, giving them a lift. This is called a Botox Brow Lift. After a few days, your face changes from looking old and tired to appearing more alert and energetic.


Angie, 50.

When you choose a plastic surgeon that has a thorough understanding of facial anatomy, as well as an artistic eye, they will be able to use Botox creatively to not only lift the brow and open the eyes, but also to rejuvenate the mouth and lips, and shape the contours of your face by tightening up the jawline. Botox injections to the face are often combined simultaneously with soft tissue fillers to provide total non-surgical rejuvenation. Botox has also been shown to help reduce the symptoms of rosacea, a skin condition that makes the skin red and swollen.

Enjoy the Benefits

While you might not see your results immediately, your new look will begin to emerge in just a few short days. After about 10-14 days, you should be able to see the full effect of your injections. While the muscles are weakened, your face will remain wrinkle-free and you will continue to look rested and full of life. Taking control of the aging process before the signs become obvious will keep people guessing your true age. Regular Botox injections will give your skin the chance to maintain its natural collagen production, which will keep your skin beautiful and resilient.

Regain Your Vibrant Skin with Top Botox Specialist, Dr. Chiu

As a top plastic surgeon in Los Angeles, Dr. Gabriel Chiu has extensive experience in using Botox to eliminate fine lines and wrinkles while artistically crafting a youthful and firm appearance. Injections are performed in our office and only take approximately 10 to 15 minutes. You will be able to return to your normal activities immediately. Before the procedure, Dr. Chiu will do an assessment of your facial muscles to determine where your injections should be placed. He may use an anesthetic cream or ice to numb the area.

We offer a luxurious, comfortable setting so you are completely relaxed while getting your Botox injections. Our friendly staff will be on hand to answer any questions or to discuss any concerns that you may have before and after your procedure. Dr. Chiu will explain all aftercare instructions, includingcommon side effects that you should watch for, so that you are confident and have no doubts about your decision.

If you are interested in Botox or one of the other cosmetic procedures that we perform, contact us today. There is no time like the present to take control of how you look now and how you will age later!

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