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Rhinoplasty Revision

A rhinoplasty (nose surgery) is a procedure that is intended to last a lifetime. However, rhinoplasty revision is also sought individuals if they did not get the physical appearance or if the inner function of their nose was not fixed with their first procedure. As such, a patient must undergo a subsequent nose job to repair undesirable results following the previous rhinoplasty procedure.

Dr. Gabriel Chiu at the Beverly Hills Plastic Surgery center can help you attain the look you were originally seeking, as he specializes and has extensive experience in revision rhinoplasty.
Be sure to check out our before and after rhinoplasty surgery gallery!

Why Can a Rhinoplasty Procedure Fail?

There is never a complete guarantee that the results of a cosmetic surgery procedure will go exactly as planned. This is due to numerous reasons, including poor patient after-care. Another major reason of failed rhinoplasty surgeries can be attributed a poor choice of specific technique or a failure in execution by the surgeon. In addition, over-aggressive removal of bone, cartilage or the nasal tip, or improperly placed incisions can contribute to these undesirable results.

A lot of this is due to inexperience of the surgeon. Even if a plastic surgeon has extensive know-how and is skilled with procedures of other parts of the body, they might not perform many nose jobs and thus should not be used for your rhinoplasty. This is why it extremely important to choose a facial plastic surgeon that is skilled and experienced in this field.

Fortunately, Dr. Gabriel Chiu is the best rhinoplasty surgeon Beverly Hills has to offer.

Ideal Candidates

Candidates for a rhinoplasty revision are in good overall health and do not smoke or take anti-inflammatory drugs, such as aspirin, since this can increase the risk for complications. They should have realistic expectations about the procedure and need to correct one or more of the following problems:

  • Tip of the nose, bridge of the nose and/or size of the nostrils
  • Nasal asymmetry
  • Deviated septum

During your consultation with Dr. Chiu, your nose will be evaluated, and your expectations will be taken into consideration.

Benefits of Rhinoplasty Revision

Rhinoplasty revision can provide numerous benefits to patients who suffer from unexpected and undesirable results from a failed nose job. Some of these include:

Renewed Self-Confidence

A patient’s self-esteem can become even lower than it was prior to the surgery if their procedure does not produce the expected improvements to appearance. This can result in a complete breakdown in both trust and confidence. Seeking a revision with a skilled facial plastic surgeon like Dr. Chiu can help regain your self-confidence again.

Improved Breathing

Poorly executed nose surgery can sometimes result in an obstructed nasal passage that impede on a patient’s ability to breathe. This can be a huge inconvenience and can cause severe anxiety; however, rhinoplasty revision has the ability to correct these structural problems and allow a patient to return to their normal breathing pattern.

Improved Health

As we noted above, sometimes failed nose surgery can result in difficulties in breathing, which as a result can cause other issues such as interrupted sleep patterns. Those who suffer from poor sleeping patterns also affected by a negative impact on all aspects of their lives. These can certainly get worse over time as well. With revision rhinoplasty, however, patients can alleviate any structural abnormalities caused by the first poorly done nose job, and start returning to the healthy state that you paid for.

The Procedure

Rhinoplasty revision is performed on an outpatient basis under general anesthesia at our accredited facility in Beverly Hills. Although there are two techniques (open and closed) that can be performed during rhinoplasty revision, the open technique is used more often. Dr. Chiu will make inconspicuous incisions in the columella which allows him to augment the cartilage and straighten the septum to improve the nose.


Once the surgery is complete, Dr. Chiu will bandage the nose and use a splint to hold the nasal bones in place. Packing may be used to support the tissues, and medication will be prescribed to alleviate any pain or discomfort that may exist during the next few days. Most patients feel good enough to return to work about a week after surgery, but they should avoid any strenuous activity and exercise for at least four weeks.

Your New Look

Patients are most often very satisfied with the outcome of their procedure and often develop a new sense of self confidence. Through our rhinoplasty revision in Beverly Hills, Dr. Chiu improves leverages all of the above mentioned benefits including obstructed airways as well as giving patients the look they wanted to achieve with their first nose surgery.

For all of your nose improvement needs, we welcome you to contact our practice today. Call (888) 754-8955 or fill out our online contact form to schedule your consultation with Dr. Chiu.
Dr. Chiu is a highly respected Beverly Hills plastic and reconstructive surgeon and looks forward to meeting you soon.

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