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Los Angeles Chin Implant Procedures Can Help Improve Your Profile

February 9th, 2010 | Posted in: Chin Implant |

Chin implant Los Angeles clinics can help you enjoy a more beautiful profile. If your chin is too small, it can affect the appearance of your profile, can make your nose appear larger, can make an overbite appear more severe, and can even create the appearance of a double chin. A Los Angeles chin implant procedure may resolve many of these issues.

There are in fact two methods Los Angeles chin implant surgeons use in this procedure. In the first type of Los Angeles chin implant, a small incision is made under the chin or in the mouth. A small hole is made below the muscle under the chin bone. A chin implant is inserted into this hole. This type of procedure is best for people who need only moderate amounts of augmentation.

In the second type of Los Angeles chin implant procedure, a surgeon creates an incision inside the mouth, removes a part of the chin bone, pushes it forward a little bit and ensures that it is securely in place. The chin bone may act as a chin implant or an implant may be added in addition to the chin bone repositioning if more considerable augmentation is needed. All scars are inside the mouth, so that they are completely invisible.

Recovery from a Los Angeles chin implant is usually relatively uncomplicated. Many patients will need to eat soft foods for a few days. However, many patients return to work within a few days. Results are visible almost right away and are permanent.

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