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Ways to Maintain Your Beverly Hills Mastopexy Results

October 19th, 2010 | Posted in: Breast Lift |

Beverly Hills mastopexy surgery, also known as a breast lift, has become a very popular cosmetic procedure. Many women find that mastopexy Beverly Hills clinics help them achieve a younger, perkier bust line. After hormonal changes and especially childbearing, women’s breasts tend to sag and droop downward, which makes many women feel self-conscious. Beverly Hills mastopexy surgery can help turn back the clock somewhat by restoring a more youthful look.

By choosing a good and experienced Beverly Hills plastic surgeon, you can often enjoy your Beverly Hills mastopexy surgery results for years to come. However, you may wish to speak with your surgeon about ways to ensure that your results last as long as possible. For example, weight fluctuations can make breasts sag, even after Beverly Hills mastopexy surgery, so maintaining a healthy, constant weight can help you enjoy your results longer. Hormonal changes can also affect Beverly Hills mastopexy surgery results, which is why some women choose to wait until after they have had children for this procedure. Some patients also find that wearing supportive bras can help them maintain Beverly Hills mastopexy surgery results by reducing the damage which can occur to breast tissue without adequate support.