vFit PLUS Pelvic Floor Toner

As women age, the skin and muscles surrounding their private area can become loose and weak. The labia and vagina sometimes lose sensation and the ability to create natural lubrication, which can be embarrassing and frustrating for many women.

Fortunately, vFit PLUS is designed to address these issues and provide a non-surgical approach to tissue restoration for your intimate area.

Should I Get a vFit PLUS?

If you have experienced changes in your vaginal appearance or sexual health, then the vFit PLUS may benefit you. It is non-invasive, does not involve steroids or hormones, and is an all-natural approach to vaginal renewal.

How Does vFit PLUS Work?

This convenient, discreet, handheld device can be used in the comfort and privacy of your home and is USB rechargeable. It is easy to use, highly effective for restoring intimate health, and is distributed exclusively through specific medical providers.

A similar device, vFit, can be purchased through many vendors, but the vFit PLUS is more powerful, can provide quicker results, and has more extensive personalization settings.

Using non-UV LED red light technology, energy and gentle heating help stimulate blood flow and hydration, along with sonic vibrations with various intensity settings, to encourage and promote the rejuvenation process. A photonic gel lubricant is used, which is a concentrated, water-based gel infused with hyaluronic acid and aloe for additional moisture and comfort.

Patients begin with six-minute sessions and work their way up to 12-minute sessions every other day.

Is There a Recovery Period?

There is no surgery, hormonal treatment, or downtime necessary for this non-invasive technique. Most women feel a warm, tingling sensation during their session that they find pleasant.

What Results Can I Expect?

Vaginal health and wellness can be restored, sexual sensation can be improved, and confidence can be enhanced. Increased blood flow and tissue volume as well as healthy cell regeneration help with hydration and natural lubrication of your vaginal area.

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