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Breast Augmentation

While some women are pleased with the size and shape of their breasts, the vast majority are discontented with some aspect of theirs. To achieve voluminous breasts with a more aesthetically pleasing shape, breast augmentation with implants can be performed.

At his luxuriously-appointed practice in Beverly Hills, Dr. Gabriel Chiu performs breast augmentation to provide women of all ages with the breasts for which they have always longed. With his affable demeanor, Dr. Chiu makes his patients feel completely comfortable and cultivates an exquisite patient experience. He takes the time to facilitate open and clear dialogue in efforts to both fully understand his patients’ desires and to ensure they comprehend the intricacies of the procedure. Dr. Chiu respects the unique qualities of each patient, and he offers a customized treatment plan and set of recommendations to service each patient’s individual needs and objectives. For breast augmentation procedures, Dr. Chiu particularly takes into consideration the patient’s current lifestyle and cultural background in addition to the anatomy in presenting a personalized, appropriate, and natural result.

Considering Breast Augmentation?

Many women consider breast augmentation to improve their figure. For breasts that are naturally small or that have lost volume after pregnancy, breastfeeding, or weight loss, breast augmentation surgery will add fullness to noticeably increase their size. The result can be as simple as regaining their prior volume to improving the balance of their overall body contours.

Breast augmentation can achieve a shape and slope to improve conditions such as tubular breasts and breasts with a small degree of sagging. A skilled plastic surgeon not only can help you choose an optimal volume, but he or she can also make surgical adjustments to create the shape you desire -- whether more natural and subtle to more round and dramatic. The adjustments can also enhance or bring your cleavage closer together.

Most women experience some degree of asymmetry in their breasts and chest anatomy. Breast augmentation can improve the size and shape of your breasts to give you better symmetry. An experienced plastic surgeon will be able to properly evaluate your breasts to determine if the same implants should be used for both breasts or if different implant sizes or profiles would provide better enhancement. Breast symmetry can involve projection, position, and shape.

Certain types of clothing (e.g., dresses, blouses, swimsuits, undergarments, lingerie) will fit better and be more appropriately filled to achieve attractive body proportions. The improved balance, symmetry, and shape of your silhouette in dresses, in both frontal and profile views, results in increased attraction of your enhanced figure.

Studies have shown improved confidence, a more positive outlook on life, increased productivity, improved sexual performance, and other positive results from women who have undergone breast augmentation.

Your Breast Augmentation Options

During your consultation, Dr. Chiu will evaluate your breasts and body type to discuss the best options to achieve your breast enhancement goals. Your amount of natural breast tissue, the size of your frame, and a variety of other factors need to be considered to achieve your objective.

Large & Round

  • Indicates more obvious enhancement with ample size and a spherical shape
  • May utilize either saline or silicone implants
  • Round, high profile implants increase fullness in the upper and lower breast pole
A large, round breast implant (saline or silicone) for fullness of upper and lower breast pole.


  • Achieves more balanced proportions with enhancement that looks authentic
  • Uses an implant that is not excessively large
  • May utilize tear-drop shaped silicone implants or moderate profile round silicone implants to imitate the anatomical slope of the natural breast
A teardrop shaped breast implant (silicone) for balanced, natural proportions

Breast Augmentation Recovery

Immediately After

A breast band and a compression bra will be placed over the breasts to reduce swelling and bruising. It is important to get adequate rest during the first few days, and prescribed medication will reduce any discomfort that may exist.

1 Week

Most women have the stamina to return to work and resume their normal routine 4 to 7 days after surgery. However, patients should avoid strenuous physical activity and exercise at this time.

2 to 3 Weeks

Patients can begin to ease back into light physical activity, but they must avoid all chest exercises.

1 Month to 6 Weeks

Patients are free to fully resume their normal exercise regimens (including chest exercises).

Patient Testimonials

At Beverly Hills Plastic Surgery Inc., Dr. Chiu can recommend the procedures that will help you achieve the results you want, based on your individual needs.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What type of anesthesia is used during the surgery?

Dr. Chiu performs breast augmentation surgery with the patient under general anesthesia and supervised by a board-certified anesthesiologist to ensure the highest degree of patient safety.

Where are the incisions made for breast augmentation?

There are four incision options for breast augmentation. These include the periareolar (around the nipples and areolas), inframammary (along the fold below the breast), transaxillary (within the underarm), and transumbilical (within the navel). Your goals for the procedure, as well as your individual circumstances and body type, will determine which incision will be ideal for your augmentation.

Is it better to place the implants above or below the muscle?

Patients have the option of placing their implants beneath the breast tissue and the pectoral muscle (submuscular) or beneath the breast tissue only (subglandular). Submuscular placement will generally achieve a more natural appearance for slender women without adequate natural breast tissue to cover the implant, while fuller-figured women may have enough breast tissue for the implants to be imperceptible with subglandular placement. With submuscular placement, Dr. Chiu may recommend or elect to perform dual planing to improve your shape. Dual planing is a technique where some of the inferior pectoral muscle border is released to increase the space and allow more relaxation of the breast tissues for a more natural appearance.

Is breast augmentation painful?

Like many surgical procedures, some pain and discomfort are expected with breast augmentation. However, prescribed medication and compression garments will drastically diminish the amount of discomfort that exists. The pain experienced from a breast augmentation procedure can range from sharp discomfort to dull soreness to a heavy pressure similar to weight laying on your chest.

Does insurance cover the cost of breast augmentation?

Since breast augmentation is an elective procedure, it is not usually covered by insurance providers. There are rare exceptions involving breast reconstruction or correction of a severe anatomical deformity. During your consultation, Dr. Chiu will determine whether insurance might finance your procedure.

How long do the results of breast augmentation last?

The results from breast augmentation are generally permanent unless an adverse reaction or complication develops. The breasts will, of course, continue to age naturally after the procedure. To maintain optimum results, patients should refrain from gaining significant weight and need to wear the proper bras for support.

Why choose Dr. Chiu for breast augmentation?

Dr. Chiu possesses exceptional skill and experience with breast augmentation surgery. He utilizes his thorough understanding of the aesthetics of the breasts and the female anatomy to develop a bespoke surgical plan to meet the needs of the individual. Dr. Chiu has performed thousands of primary breast augmentation procedures, has trained other plastic surgeons on the optimal techniques for breast augmentation, and is well-regarded by industry experts, colleagues, patients, and international media as among the best surgeons in the world for breast augmentation surgery. We invite you to refer to Dr. Chiu’s patient testimonials to see why it would behoove you to choose Dr. Chiu.

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