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October 4th, 2011 | Posted in: Mommy Makeover |

Thoughts from Concierge Carol:

Ok let’s admit it, we all love our children. Love, love, love our babies! We wouldn’t trade them for a million dollars. The only downside of the miracle of birth? The un-miraculas way a woman’s body can look afterward. Unless you are made of silly putty, putting your belly, boobs and behind through an intense growth cycle in nine months is bound to do some damage. Let’s not even discuss what happens to your bazooms after breastfeeding! Baboom! No boobs left. Maybe smaller, much lower ones. Carrying twins? Oh my!

Now there are some lucky women who escape the whole thing unscathed, but let’s face it, they are wearing wonderbras and spanxs underneath their outfits. I distinctly remember trying on a pair of maternity jeans, and checking out my butt to see of I ‘didn’t look pregnant’ from behind. To my horror my backside looked like a Jean clad bus.

Ahhhh, now what? After the dust settles and you are more or less able to get into your pre pregnancy clothes, its time for a consultation with Dr Chiu! He is the undisputed king of the Mommie Makeover! What does all that include? Make me over Dr Chiu!

First your magically deflated (and no longer elated) breasts get a well deserved lift and perhaps implant. Breastfeeding is tough on a girl, your bra size can change from an ‘A’ to.a ‘D’ then back to an ‘A’ again. Sometimes putting in an implant will help pick up the slack, however many times a breast lift is also needed. This is where the nipple is repositioned and the skin is tightened to bring your breasts to their pre pregnancy shape and look.

Next, your poor over-stretched tummy gets a tuck. What is a tummy tuck you ask? An incision is made along your bikini line which allows access to the muscles underneath. Dr Chiu has a special technique during surgery which tightens the muscles in your abdomen to bring back your middle to it’s former flatness (or maybe flatness it never dreamed of). He is able to create a ‘girdle’ by resewing the muscle tissue tighter. He can even move your belly button higher! Next any excess hanging skin is trimmed away so no more waving at the Neighbors while hoola hooping.

Finally a liposuction is preformed, which removes fat deposits that have gathered in unsightly lumps and bumps. A small thin tube is inserted which breaks up and suctions out the fat. Your fat cells do not grow back, so even if you gain weight it will redistribute differently. Of course diet and exercise are always recommended to keep your new trim shape. Oh lala! Who is that teenager. Wait a minute…

So Mommies, get out that bikini! Time to make everyone at the pool think you are the babysitter. Dr Chiu to the rescue!

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