Asian Eyelid Surgery

About half of all Asians lack the natural upper eyelid creases that are common among Caucasian and other ethnic groups. This fold in the upper eyelids is commonly called a “double eyelid” and helps the eyes to look larger. For Asians who do not have this trait, Asian eyelid surgery can create natural-looking upper eyelid creases that flatter the face and draw more attention to the eyes.

Thinking About Asian Eyelid Surgery?

Draw Attention to Your Eyes

Having no upper eyelid creases tends to make the eyes look smaller. It also makes it more difficult to apply eye makeup. Creating upper eyelid folds with Asian eyelid surgery causes the eyes to look larger, which draws attention naturally to the eyes. Being able to apply eye makeup more easily due to having upper eyelid folds can further emphasize the eyes.

Embrace Your Ethnic Features

A common misconception is that Asians who undergo Asian eyelid surgery want to Westernize their appearance. Asian eyelid surgery does not change or betray a physical ethnic trait because of cultural dissatisfaction. Rather, the procedure creates upper eyelid creases like the natural folds found in many Asian eyelids. In Asian upper eyelids, the creases start very close to the eyelashes, angle upward toward the middle of the eyelids, and then run parallel to the lash lines. This is very unlike Caucasian eyelid creases, which are shaped more like upside-down U’s and are larger than Asian eyelid folds.

Increase Your Confidence

Confidence is often closely associated with satisfaction with your appearance. Frustration with physical characteristics you cannot change may cause you to feel uncomfortable with who you are, and this may, in turn, lower your self-confidence. Asian eyelid surgery can improve your appearance and draw more attention to the natural beauty of your eyes. This may improve your self-image and thereby increase your confidence.

Asian Eyelid Surgery Options

Dr. Chiu can perform your Asian eyelid surgery with either an incisional approach or with permanent sutures. He will consider all relevant factors, such as your goals and the anatomy of your eyelids, before determining which technique is most appropriate for you.

Incisional Approach

  • Dr. Chiu will make an incision on each upper eyelid, taking care to minimize the potential for visible scarring.
  • Through the surgical incisions, Dr. Chiu will remove some skin and potentially some muscle and fat to create a natural-looking crease in each upper eyelid.
  • After surgery, you will have natural-looking eyelid creases that you can have adjusted at any time you desire.

Permanent Suture Approach

  • Dr. Chiu will bury sutures deep into the skin of each eyelid, pinching the underside of the eyelids to the deeper soft tissue of the eyelids.
  • The sutures will create eyelid creases with virtually no scarring.
  • After surgery, you will have natural-looking eyelid creases that you can have adjusted at any time you desire.

Asian Eyelid Recovery

Recovery from Asian eyelid surgery differs according to the technique used for your procedure. For the permanent suture approach, recovery takes only a few days and includes minimal swelling. For the incisional approach, recovery may last up to a few weeks. Your swelling should significantly diminish after one week, and any scarring should be all but invisible by one year after the procedure.

Patient Testimonials

At Beverly Hills Plastic Surgery Inc., Dr. Chiu can recommend the procedures that will help you achieve the results you want, based on your individual needs.


Frequently Asked Questions

How long does Asian eyelid surgery take?

Asian eyelid surgery rarely exceeds one hour in length.

Is the incisional approach or the permanent suture approach better for my Asian eyelid surgery?

There is no clear answer to the debate over which technique is better for Asian eyelid surgery. The incisional approach leads to permanent results, but it has a longer recovery period and a slight risk of noticeable scarring. It also carries certain other surgical risks, such as permanent eyelid retraction or ptosis. The suture technique, on the other hand, has a quick recovery and can be reversed if desired. However, the results are not permanent, and any breakage or failure of the sutures could lead to embarrassment and will require corrective surgery. Certain factors will influence whether one technique is better for you than the other, such as the thickness of your upper eyelid skin, how much fat your upper eyelids contain, how heavy or low your brows are, whether you wear eye makeup that could hide the incisions, and whether you’ve had a previous eyelid surgery. Your preferences will also play a role, including how you feel about incisional surgery and how much time you can take for recovery. Dr. Chiu will discuss all of these considerations with you during your consultation.

Can I combine Asian eyelid surgery with any other procedures?

You may wish to combine your Asian eyelid surgery with another procedure, such as a brow lift. During your consultation, Dr. Chiu will evaluate not only your eyelids but your entire face along with your goals. He will recommend the appropriate procedures for your anatomy and your goals.

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