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Revision Buttock Augmentation

Revision butt lift is performed when a patient is unhappy with the results of a previous buttock augmentation operation. At Beverly Hills Plastic Surgery, we routinely perform revision butt lift procedures to give patients the results they thought they were getting when they originally underwent plastic surgery somewhere else. Fortunately, Dr. Chiu has the surgical skills and artistic sensibilities to correct any number of conditions and cosmetic imperfections. If you are currently dissatisfied with the results of a buttock augmentation procedure, Dr. Chiu can help you achieve the round, full bottom you desire.

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Reasons for Revision Buttock Augmentation

  • Displeasing Buttock Augmentation Results

    There are many reasons for seeking revision buttock augmentation, but the most common involve the appearance of the behind following surgery. Patients who are not satisfied with the outcome of their buttock augmentation may consider revision buttock augmentation to achieve the appearance they desire. Depending on the unique needs of the patient, this procedure can address asymmetry, dents, and size concerns.

  • Postoperative Complications

    Sometimes a cosmetic surgery does not go as planned, and certain complications can arise after buttock implant surgery. Capsular contracture is a condition that results from the hardening of scar tissue around an implant; it is also seen with breast augmentation as well. Displacement occurs if the implant shifts following surgery, usually due to improper placement.

    Fat transfer surgery, or Brazilian Butt Lift, can also have complications that may need to be corrected. Most commonly, contour irregularities and volume asymmetries can happen from uneven fat survival. Other complications, including oil cysts, seromas, and scar tissue formation, can also cause problems that leave the butt feeling unnatural.

  • Damaged Confidence

    It can be disheartening to undergo an invasive procedure and obtain unsatisfactory results. Patients who are unhappy with the outcome of their buttock augmentation may have a lack of body confidence and feel embarrassed about their appearance. After revision buttock augmentation, however, most patients experience a boost in their self-esteem and feel comfortable in their skin again.

Revision Buttock Augmentation Options

Revision buttock augmentation is an outpatient procedure usually performed using general anesthesia. Dr. Chiu performs every surgery at our accredited Beverly Hills facility to ensure the comfort and safety of each patient.

Fat Transfer Revision

During fat transfer to the buttocks (Brazilian Butt Lift), excess fat is harvested from a donor site using liposuction. The fat is then purified and injected into the buttocks in thin, even layers to improve the projection and size of the gluteal area. This technique can smooth out imperfections and asymmetrical results from the initial surgery, whether you had fat transferred or buttock implants placed. If your initial surgery involved implants, they can be removed, and fat transfer can be used to add the necessary volume to the buttocks.

Revision Buttock Augmentation Recovery

  • Immediately After

    The recovery from revision buttock augmentation is similar to that of your initial procedure, and the patient must avoid putting any pressure on the buttocks. Bandages and the appropriate compression garments are applied to the treated area to minimize side effects. Discomfort can be managed by taking prescription pain medication and following the recommended recovery protocol provided by Dr. Chiu.

  • 1 Week

    Most daily activities, including work, can be continued at this time. Strenuous activities and sitting directly on the buttocks must still be avoided. Bruising and swelling may begin to subside.

  • 4 Weeks

    Patients who undergo fat transfer (Brazilian Butt Lift) may start sitting normally after 4 weeks, but Dr. Chiu will determine this on a case-by-case basis.

  • 6 Weeks

    Vigorous activities may be resumed if cleared by Dr. Chiu. Some swelling may persist for several months.

Why Choose Dr. Chiu?

Dr. Gabriel Chiu is a highly respected plastic surgeon who is vastly experienced in buttock augmentation and revision buttock augmentation. He has personally performed many successful buttock augmentation revision procedures, and he has the unique skills and expert knowledge to deliver results you will appreciate. This procedure provides patients with outstanding results and frequently gives them a renewed sense of confidence. If you have had a dissatisfying buttock augmentation experience elsewhere, Dr. Chiu and his team can restore your appearance and help you feel confident again.

Revision Buttock Augmentation FAQs

Am I a candidate for revision buttock augmentation?

Revision buttock augmentation candidates should be healthy and have realistic expectations about the outcome of their procedure. Ideal candidates wish to correct one or more of the following results of an initial buttock augmentation surgery:

  • Asymmetry
  • Contour irregularities, indentations, or lumps
  • Capsular contracture
  • Displacement
  • Infection

Which revision buttock augmentation technique is right for me?

Your revision buttock augmentation procedure will depend on the nature of the problem. In many cases, removal of the old implants is necessary to correct the complication. If your issue is primarily aesthetic—that is, the appearance of your butt following surgery was not to your satisfaction—Dr. Chiu will have to review your particular concerns before devising a plan to correct the issue. This may involve injecting your butt with more fat cells to enhance the results of a previous Brazilian Butt Lift or to fill the volume of the removed implants.

Why do I need to wear a compression garment after my revision buttock augmentation?

Compression garments are designed to apply pressure to specific areas of the body that are treated during surgery. These garments help improve circulation, which aids in the healing process and minimizes side effects like bruising and swelling. By wearing the recommended compression garments after surgery, the patient is likely to experience less postoperative discomfort, a faster recovery, and better surgical results.

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