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Forma™ in Beverly Hills

Whether from age, genetics, or lifestyle, many men and women notice that their skin has lost its youthful look, especially in the face. Their skin may have become loose, and fine lines and wrinkles may have developed. This aged look can make many men and women feel self-conscious about how others see them and can even keep them from enjoying the social aspects of their lives.

While many treatments on the market address aged, loose, and sagging skin, many of these treatments are invasive or minimally invasive. However, if you are looking for a non-invasive treatment to help bring back a more youthful and natural look to your skin, then Forma™ radiofrequency on the Optimas platform is the treatment for you.

What Are the Benefits of a Forma™ Treatment?

  • Tighter Skin

    Loose and sagging skin can be troublesome for many men and women. But Forma™ uses radiofrequency technology to increase collagen production, which, in turn, helps strengthen the skin’s elasticity. This strengthened elasticity is what tightens the skin.

  • Smoother Skin

    Collagen is a natural protein found in our skin, responsible for the strength and structure of the skin. It improves elasticity and health, including keeping the skin hydrated. Forma™ increases the production of collagen, which smooths many lines and wrinkles and creates a more youthful aesthetic.

  • Non-surgical and Pain-Free Procedure

    Even though radio waves enter the skin to heat the underlying tissues, Forma™ is a non-invasive treatment. Additionally, there is traditionally no pain associated with Forma™. In fact, many patients enjoy the sensation, likening the feeling of the procedure to that of a hot stone massage.

What Are the Steps of a Forma™ Treatment?


While Forma™ does not require any anesthesia, some patients desire a numbing cream to be applied before their treatment. This is preferential to each patient.

The Procedure

The Forma™ procedure generally takes about 30 minutes to complete, though it can be longer, depending on the size of the treatment area. The radio waves travel by electrodes into the tissues to heat and stimulate collagen production. There is no pain associated with Forma™, and you will be able to return to work and the rest of your daily activities immediately after your treatment is finished.

The Applicator

A subdermal handheld device directs the radio waves emitted during the Forma™ treatment to the underlying skin tissues. This allows your technician to control the placement and the level of radiofrequency heat so that your results are exactly what you’re looking for.

What Can I Expect After My Forma™ Treatment?

  • Immediately After

    Besides allowing your skin to look and feel younger and more rejuvenated, one of the best parts about Forma™ is that there is no downtime. You can have a Forma™ treatment during your lunch break and return to work immediately after.

  • 3 to 7 Days

    Your Forma™ treatment will result in noticeably tighter and more contoured skin within a few days. Wrinkles will not be as pronounced, and you will look younger and more refreshed than before your treatment.

  • 3 to 4 Weeks

    The results of a single Forma™ treatment last about 4 weeks. For best results, we recommend that you have 5 treatments, spaced 2 to 3 days apart.

Why Choose Dr. Chiu?

Dr. Chiu is an exceptional surgeon with extensive experience in a range of facial rejuvenation procedures. With his thorough understanding of plastic surgery aesthetics, he makes sure to take a unique approach to each surgery depending on the patient’s needs. Regarded in the industry among colleagues, patients, peers, and international media as one of the best plastic surgeons in the world, Dr. Chiu can provide you with the results you are looking for.

Frequently Asked Questions

Am I a candidate for Forma™ in Beverly Hills?

Candidates for Forma™ are men and women who suffer from loose and sagging skin as well as fine lines and wrinkles. Candidates should also be non-smoking individuals in good general health who have realistic expectations for their results.

What parts of my body can Forma™ be used for?

While Forma™ can be used on skin all over the body, the most common area for Forma™ is the face. This is why many people refer to it as a Forma™ facial. Many patients choose to have a Forma™ treatment to address the skin on their forehead, eyelids, nasolabial folds, jowls, and neck.

Is Forma™ safe?

Yes. Forma™ is FDA-approved, safe, and effective.

Are there risks associated with Forma™?

Though rare, any form of cosmetic procedure carries some risks. The risks associated with Forma™ radiofrequency include:

  • Swelling
  • Bruising
  • Skin sensitivity or tingling
  • Soreness
  • Redness

However, these side effects should dissipate within a few hours of your Forma™ treatment.

How much is a Forma™ treatment?

Like any cosmetic procedure, the price of your Forma™ treatment varies, as it depends on the extent of the treatment. At your consultation, you will be given a price estimate.

Will Forma™ work on my skin?

Forma™ is effective for all skin types.

When will I see my results?

Your results will be apparent immediately following your treatment. However, for the best results, it is recommended that you have multiple treatments spaced two to three days apart.

What is the difference between Forma™ and injectable treatments?

Though both Forma™ and injectable treatments offer similar results, Forma™ is non-invasive and nearly pain free.

How long do Forma™ results last?

One treatment of Forma™ can last up to four weeks. However, with multiple treatments as well as maintenance treatments, your results can be long lasting. Additionally, a healthy lifestyle, including a balanced diet, regular exercise, and a dedicated skincare routine, can prolong your results.

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