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Male Breast Reduction In Beverly Hills

The male body can vary significantly in size, shape, and contour due to genetics, health, and diet. While some of these factors can be addressed through lifestyle choices, other elements are far outside the patient’s control. Male breast reduction surgery aims to put that control over their own body back into the patient’s hand. Also known as gynecomastia surgery, this procedure for male patients in Beverly Hills can be transformative, empowering, and impactful. Contact Beverly Hills Plastic Surgery Inc to learn more.

What Is Gynecomastia?

The condition called gynecomastia describes having enlarged breasts in male individuals. It can occur at any age and is usually tied to hormonal imbalances, genetic prevalence, weight gain, and certain medications and drugs. The amount of breast development varies by case, but even minor changes can have a significant impact on a patient’s self-confidence and quality of life. For example, this condition may inhibit intimate activity or impact your choice of clothing.

A male breast reduction procedure aims to address the condition by effectively removing excess breast tissue and repositioning the skin and muscle to regain a masculine contour. It succeeds where diet and exercise would not be enough. Thousands of people have this surgery alone, so you are far from alone. It is a proven and effective way to address enlarged male breasts.

Benefits of a Male Breast Reduction

  • Restore and improve self-confidence

  • Wear a wider range of clothing

  • Improved bodily comfort

  • Obtain a masculine chest contour

  • Provide a starting point for continued healthy lifestyle

  • Improvements in posture

  • Hidden, small incisions

  • Excess tissue is permanently removed

Gynecomastia may be characterized by excess fat tissue, excess glandular tissue, or both. Dr. Chiu will evaluate your condition and discuss the best options to achieve your goals. In some cases, liposuction and tissue extraction may be used together.

Is Male Breast Reduction Right for Me?

If you are experiencing any of the negative effects of gynecomastia, then you may be a good candidate for male breast reduction. The first step is to book your consultation with Dr. Chiu to explore your options and begin building a customized procedure plan. Deciding on gynecomastia surgery involves a comprehensive evaluation to ensure you are a good fit and will see the results you want.

Some key signs you may be an ideal candidate for gynecomastia surgery include:

  • Feeling a negative impact from breast development (physical, psychological, or both)
  • Being near your target weight (weight fluctuations can impact results)
  • Being currently nonsmoking and having no health-related contraindications
  • Having enlarged breasts that do not respond to nonsurgical interventions
  • Having additional symptoms (soreness in the breast tissue, rash developing under the breast)

Before & After

Before and after male breast augmentation (gynecomastia treatment) example #1
Before and after male breast augmentation (gynecomastia treatment) -2
  • Before and after male breast augmentation (gynecomastia treatment) example #1
  • Before and after male breast augmentation (gynecomastia treatment) -2
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Overview of a Typical Gynecomastia Procedure

Every procedure is customized to suit your needs and bring out the results you want to see. While this means multiple details of your procedure will vary from another patient’s, the core outline will mostly remain as follows:

Initial Consultation

The consultation process sets the stage for a successful procedure. During this visit, you can discuss your concerns and medical history with Dr. Chiu. In turn, he will provide information about the procedure and conduct an exam to explore your candidacy.

Preparing for the Procedure

  • Have the instructed lab blood tests
  • Start certain medications and stop others as needed for your case
  • Put a pause on smoking for several weeks before your surgery
  • Avoid medications that can impact bleeding

Day of the Procedure

Patients will arrive on the day of surgery and go over their plan with Dr. Chiu to confirm everything meets their expectations. Once ready, you will receive general anesthesia, ensuring a totally painless surgery. Dr. Chiu, our plastic surgeon, will then make key incisions to remove glandular tissue, breast tissue, and excess skin and reposition the nipple and underlying tissues into a masculine contour. In some cases, liposuction may be involved to remove excess fat pockets.

Recovering from Your Male Breast Reduction

The recovery period for male breast reduction can vary for each patient, but the general outline remains mostly the same. Recovery can be impacted by overall health, age, and how well patients follow their post-procedure instructions.

  • The First Week

    Patients can return home on the day of the surgery. Then they should avoid all physical activity and take time off from work. Bruising, swelling, and discomfort are expected and readily managed. A drain may be placed, and patients may need to wear a compression garment.

  • The Second Week

    Bruising and discomfort should gradually improve, and most patients can return to work by the end of the second week. However, engage in no more than mild activity, such as brief walks. Avoid any lifting or exertion using the chest muscles.

  • Third to Fourth Weeks

    Most bruising and discomfort should fade by the end of the first month. While you can continue to gradually return to physical activities, anything strenuous is still not advised.

  • Beyond

    Patients usually can make a full return to their routine and all activities between the 6th and 8th weeks post-surgery.

What Are the Results Like?

Patients can expect to see significant improvements in the shape and contour of the chest area. The changes are immediate, but patients can start to really enjoy their results once the initial swelling has faded between 2 and 4 weeks post-procedure. Results will continue to settle in the following couple of months as residual bruising fades. Patients can expect long-lasting results but are encouraged to avoid factors that could result in new breast tissue formation. These include:

  • Significant weight gains
  • Moderating alcohol intake
  • Treating any related conditions
  • Maintaining healthy nutrition intake
  • Avoid using certain medications or drugs

Book Your Consultation

Dr. Chiu is proud to be performing male breast reduction near you for patients in Beverly Hills and the surrounding areas. Start your journey toward reclaiming a sense of control over your body by booking your consultation for gynecomastia surgery at Beverly Hills Plastic Surgery Inc. Call our office or use our online form to take that first step and begin working with a leading, board-certified plastic surgeon.

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