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Breast Reconstruction

Breast reconstruction is a cosmetic surgery that enhances the shape of one or both breasts. Women who wish to restore femininity to their figure after it might have been compromised due to a mastectomy, injury, or congenital condition may consider this procedure. In many cases, breast reconstruction is performed immediately after mastectomy, but it is important to consult with a plastic surgeon to determine the best plan of action for your body. Dr. Chiu and his knowledgeable team can help patients achieve more aesthetically pleasing breasts using the most modern and successful reconstruction techniques.

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Considering Breast Reconstruction Surgery?

  • An Improved Breast Aesthetic

    Women who are unhappy with how their breasts look because of mastectomy, trauma, or a congenital condition can improve the appearance of their bust with breast reconstruction. Dr. Chiu’s goal with breast reconstruction surgery is to create a beautiful and natural-looking breast aesthetic.

  • Boosted Self-Esteem

    Breast reconstruction is designed to produce a natural, symmetrical upper body appearance while maintaining body proportions. However, the primary objective of this procedure is to help patients feel more confident about their body after losing one or both breasts to mastectomy or other experiences that have affected the appearance of the breasts.

  • Restored Femininity

    Breast reconstruction surgery can be a life-changing experience. Women who have had a mastectomy and survived breast cancer can restore their feminine figure. Patients who struggle with the appearance of their breasts as a result of injury or a genetic condition can also achieve the look they have always desired.

Your Breast Reconstruction Options

Dr. Chiu will assess your condition with the assistance of VECTRA® 3D imaging technology to show you an accurate simulation of how breast reconstruction can help you obtain the bustline you desire. The decision about which approach to use for breast reconstruction depends on the type of mastectomy initially performed, the skill of the cosmetic surgeon, and the patient’s personal preference. There are several reconstruction options that are well known and some that are new to patients.

Breast Implants

Utilizing silicone gel or saline implants is an excellent option for a patient lacking their preferred breast shape and volume. Sometimes tissue expanders can be used to slowly develop a pocket in the breast tissue, creating space to accommodate the implant.

Fat Transfer

Fat transfer involves using the patient’s own body fat for natural breast augmentation. This reconstruction technique is ideal for patients who have healed from mastectomy and have enough donor tissue to harvest. Excess fat can be removed from trouble zones of the body using liposuction and purified for reinjection into the breasts.

Breast Reduction or Lift

If a patient undergoes single mastectomy, a breast reduction or breast lift can be performed on the remaining breast to achieve a more symmetrical appearance.

Tissue Reconstruction

Tissue reconstruction is one of the traditional methods of breast reconstruction. This technique utilizes flaps of tissue from the patient’s abdomen, back, or thighs to reshape the breast, either with or without the use of breast implants.

Nipple Reconstruction

A patient’s nipples are typically removed during a mastectomy, so nipple and areola reconstruction is often included as part of the breast reconstruction procedure. In other cases, where a patient has a condition that surpassed the changes of puberty, causing one of the nipples to develop abnormally compared to the other, nipple reconstruction can resize and reshape them.

Before & After Photos

Breast Revision Before After
Breast Revision Before After
  • Breast Revision Before After
  • Breast Revision Before After
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Breast Reconstruction Recovery

  • Immediately After

    After surgery, patients may be advised to wear a supportive surgical bra to aid the recovery process. This garment can also minimize postoperative side effects, such as bruising or discomfort. It is essential to get plenty of rest and follow our recovery protocol to promote healing during this initial stage of recovery.

  • 1 Week

    Most physical activities will still be limited at this time, but some patients can resume working if they feel well enough to.

  • 2 to 3 Weeks

    If cleared by Dr. Chiu, patients can return to light activities. There should be noticeably less bruising and swelling, but some side effects persist for several months as the breasts adjust

  • 4 to 6 Weeks

    Patients who are not undergoing a subsequent procedure for their breast reconstruction journey can enjoy their results at this point in their recovery. The breasts will continue to adjust over the next few months.

Patient Testimonials

At Beverly Hills Plastic Surgery Inc., Dr. Chiu can recommend the procedures that will help you achieve the results you want, based on your individual needs.

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Why choose Dr. Chiu?

Dr. Chiu is an exceptional surgeon with the surgical expertise and extensive knowledge of the female anatomy to deliver beautiful breast reconstruction results. With his thorough understanding of plastic surgery aesthetics and innovative techniques, he takes a unique approach to each breast reconstruction procedure that considers all the patient’s concerns. Regarded in the industry among colleagues, patients, peers, and international media as one of the best plastic surgeons in the world, Dr. Chiu can provide you with the results you desire.

Frequently Asked Questions

Am I a candidate for breast reconstruction surgery?

Most women who have undergone some form of breast cancer surgery are candidates for breast reconstruction. Other patients may consider this procedure if they have experienced a lifelong desire for a naturally feminine look for their body type which was not achieved after puberty. Candidacy for breast reconstruction will depend on the patient’s:

  • Current health and medical history
  • Stage of cancer and ongoing treatments
  • Current height-to-weight ratio
  • Cosmetic expectations for surgery

How long do breast reconstruction results last?

Breast reconstruction is designed to deliver long-lasting results as long as you maintain a healthy lifestyle. The body does continue to age and is susceptible to physical changes that stem from weight fluctuations, pregnancy, and other factors.

Will I have to stay at the hospital overnight after breast reconstruction?

Depending on the type of breast reconstruction surgery performed, most patients can expect to stay overnight at the hospital for observation.

Does insurance cover a breast reconstruction procedure?

Insurance coverage may be available for breast reconstruction surgery depending on your policy plan. Many factors determine your eligibility. Please speak with one of our office staff members for details.

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