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Facelift in Beverly Hills, CA

As we age, our skin begins to lose its elasticity because of the breakdown in collagen. In addition, the deep anatomical structures of the face begin to change. These include the muscles of the cheeks and around the eyes, as well as the fat in the cheeks. All of these factors combined can often make the face and neck wrinkle and sag, causing many people to look older than they actually feel. If you are concerned about the signs of aging on your face, a facelift can be the ideal cosmetic procedure for you.

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Thinking About Having a Facelift?

  • Reduced Wrinkles

    Over time, the collagen in our skin breaks down, leading to the formation of fine lines and wrinkles. Facelift surgery removes loose, excess skin to produce a smooth, youthful skin texture that will take years off your appearance.

  • A More Defined Jawline

    Displaced and drooping tissues along the jawline can create the appearance of jowls. Facelift surgery tightens the muscles and removes excess tissue for a sleek jawline that creates a more defined, attractive transition from the face to the neck.

  • Firmer Neck and Facial Contours

    Sagging corners of the mouth and drooping tissues in the cheeks and neck can significantly age your appearance. Facelift surgery repositions the underlying tissues and removes any excess to achieve firmer contours in the face and neck.

What Does Facelift Surgery Entail?

Dr. Chiu will evaluate your face type and shape and discuss the best options to achieve your facial rejuvenation goals.

Mini Facelift

  • Targets the lower portion of the face
  • Best for patients who do not need improvement in the cheek or chin areas
  • Involves short incisions around the ears
  • Removes excess skin and fat, and repositions the underlying tissues

Full Facelift

  • Targets the mid and lower face, jowls, and chin
  • Involves an incision in the hairline from the temples down around the creases of the ear and into the hairline behind the ear
  • Removes excess skin and fat, and repositions the underlying tissues

Facelift Recovery in Beverly Hills

  • Immediately After

    Pain medication will be prescribed to ease swelling and discomfort. Our Recovery Protocol, which includes supplements, vitamins, and anti-bruising medications, will begin.

  • 1 Week

    Patients are usually able to return to work and light activities. Swelling and bruising will begin to resolve. Sutures are removed after seven to nine days.

  • 2 Weeks

    Continued resolution of swelling and bruising. Dr. Chiu will recommend light physical activities, but patients should avoid strenuous exercise and heavy lifting.

  • 4 Weeks

    Results will be more apparent. Patients may return to their normal activities, including strenuous exercise and lifting, once cleared by Dr. Chiu. Most patients feel comfortable being seen at important social engagements, although a slight feeling of tightness may last for several months.

Patient Testimonials

At Beverly Hills Plastic Surgery Inc., Dr. Chiu can recommend the procedures that will help you achieve the results you want, based on your individual needs.

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Why choose Dr. Chiu?

Although there are many facial rejuvenation procedures available today, the facelift is still the most comprehensive way to address the aging of the lower portions of the face. Dr. Chiu has performed countless facelifts, helping his Beverly Hills patients achieve a more youthful appearance and the boost in confidence that comes with it. To see if a facelift is right for you, contact us to schedule a consultation with Dr. Chiu today.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does facelift surgery address signs of aging around the eyes and in the forehead?

Facelift surgery only addresses the cheeks, lower face, and neck. Patients who wish to address signs of aging in their upper face often combine a brow lift and/or eyelid lift with their facelift surgery to achieve complete facial rejuvenation.

What type of anesthesia is used for facelift surgery?

Dr. Chiu performs facelift surgery with the patient under general anesthesia or intravenous sedation. During your consultation, Dr. Chiu will determine which type of anesthesia will be best for you based on your individual needs.

How long do the results of facelift surgery last?

The results from a facelift are generally permanent, and patients can enjoy their rejuvenated appearance for years to come. Of course, the face will continue to age naturally after surgery, but patients will continue to look younger than if they had not undergone the procedure. To maintain optimum results, patients should follow a healthy skin care regimen and wear a broad-spectrum sunscreen daily.

Why choose Dr. Chiu for facelift surgery?

Dr. Chiu possesses exceptional skill and experience with facelift surgery, and people in Beverly Hills and Los Angeles seek him for his surgical precision, mastered techniques, and remarkable ability to consistently create natural-looking results. He utilizes his thorough understanding of facial anatomy and aesthetics to develop a customized surgical plan to meet (and often exceed) the needs and expectations of his patients.

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