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Why Does the Skin on My Neck Sag?

December 21st, 2015 | Posted in: Cosmetic Surgery, Plastic Surgery, Skincare, Uncategorized | Tags: , ,

The neck is considered, by many, to be one of the most elegant and appealing parts of the human body. However, when the skin around neck begins to lose its firmness and sag, the result often negatively impacts how a person looks and how confident they feel. It’s because of this reason, many people turn to cosmetic treatments and procedures like a neck lift to tighten and refine their contours. And this also begs the question: Why does neck skin sag and droop in the first place?

The Causes

The main cause of a saggy neck boils right down to being a part of the natural aging process. Collagen and elastin are two different types of proteins found in the body that are responsible for keeping the skin strong and taut. But over time, the body makes less of these proteins, causing the skin to wrinkle and become loose. Other things can compound the situation, including weak muscles and the downward force of gravity.

While the toll of time may be inevitable, age isn’t the only contributor to a saggy neck. Take a look at the following factors:

Sunny To Saggy: Exposure to the damaging UV rays of the sun cause the skin to age prematurely, wrinkle, and droop.

Lost pounds, Loose Skin: A significant or rapid weight loss can also result in droopy skin around the neck, as well as other areas of the body.

Not So Smokin’ Results: Smoking cigarettes has been linked to damaging the skin and aging it prematurely. Due to the impairment of blood flow caused by nicotine, the skin is deprived of oxygen and valuable nutrients which affects its appearance and health. The structure of the skin is also impacted, as chemicals in the tobacco damage the proteins elastin and collagen and therefore lead to skin that is wrinkled and less elastic.

Not Enough Good Stuff-Diets that do not contain sufficient amounts of antioxidants and water consumption, may contribute to saggy skin. A few tips for keeping both skin and body healthy include drinking water, limiting alcohol intake, avoiding too much sugar, and eating fruits and vegetables.

Discovering a Solution For Your Sagging Skin

A droopy neck can have a way of dragging a person down in more ways than one. Many people are self-conscious about this, simply for the fact that they feel it makes them appear older and less attractive. Here at Beverly Hills Plastic Surgery, we offer the most advanced surgical and non-surgical options that can help patients achieve tighter and more youthful looking contours. If you are interested in discovering how your sagging skin can be improved, contact us today and request a consultation.

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