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Do You Still Have to Work Out After Liposuction?

December 21st, 2023 | Posted in: Liposuction |

For many embarking on the journey to attain the ideal body shape, liposuction emerges as a transformative option to bid farewell to stubborn pockets of fat. Liposuction, a cosmetic surgery designed to remove excess fat deposits, undoubtedly offers immediate visual changes. Yet, as the allure of a streamlined silhouette beckons, it’s essential to discern whether […]

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How to Achieve Full, Perky Breasts Without Implants

November 28th, 2023 | Posted in: Breast Enhancement, Breast Lift |

Since the first silicone implant operation in 1962, breast augmentation has expanded to become the most widely performed and commonly known plastic surgery in the world. Recognized for its ability to enhance volume and shape, breast augmentation with implants is often the go-to procedure for women who are displeased with their lackluster breasts. However, implants […]

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Start 2023 With a Total Body Shape Up

March 2nd, 2023 | Posted in: Body Contouring, Body Sculpting |

5 Minute Read:  We find ourselves in the early months of the new year. For many, this means finally remembering to write “2023” instead of “2022” when filling out the date.  This also means that many people have likely slipped on their yearly resolutions. And one of the leading resolutions made among women and men […]

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Why Do Men Want Cosmetic Surgery?

August 31st, 2022 | Posted in: Male Plastic Surgery |

4 Minute Read:  Let’s face it, when most people think of plastic surgery patients, they think of women. And while women are the highest percentage of cosmetic surgery patients, the truth is that many, many men choose to undergo plastic surgery procedures (over 2,000,000 in 2020 alone).  The simple reason for this is that men […]

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How Should You Prepare for Your Plastic Surgery?

July 15th, 2022 | Posted in: Preparing for Plastic Surgery |

4 Minute Read:  Deciding to undergo cosmetic surgery is a big step with a potentially huge payoff. While most patients give a lot of thought to the surgery and recovery period, not many people realize that there are also several steps you can take before your surgery to help with the process.  Proper preparation can […]

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When Is the Right Time for a Mommy Makeover?

June 1st, 2022 | Posted in: Mommy Makeover |

3 Minute Read:  The joy of motherhood is immeasurable, filled with many beautiful moments and blessings along the way.  For many mothers, the metamorphosis and life-altering process of rebuilding their identity around the motherhood reality is intertwined with body image issues.  Your new post-baby body may make you feel like you don’t have any control […]

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When Is the Best Time for a Neck Lift?

May 2nd, 2022 | Posted in: Neck Lift |

4 Minute Read:  A neck lift can be one of the most transformative plastic surgery procedures.  With this procedure, the tissues in your neck are tightened, excess and sagging skin is removed, and the remaining skin is tightened to give you a more contoured neck and jawline.  All of these corrections can have a significant […]

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5 Reasons to Get Liposuction in Spring

April 1st, 2022 | Posted in: Liposuction |

4 Minute Read: As we approach early spring, that means one thing: Summer is coming quickly!  And with summer comes hot days and fun gatherings at the beach and pool. That also means showing parts of your body that you may feel self-conscious about.  Many men and women have extra subcutaneous body fat that they […]

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