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Beverly Hills Chin Implant Procedures Can Change Your Entire Profile

April 25th, 2010 | Posted in: Chin Implant |

If you are looking for a chin implant, Beverly Hills has many clinics and surgeons who specialize in this procedure. Whether you have a reduced chin due to an injury, genetics, or age-related bone resorption, a Beverly Hills chin implant may be able to help. A Beverly Hills chin implant can include injecting a filler under the skin to even out and plump up the chin area. In most cases, however, a Beverly Hills chin implant involves inserting an implant under the skin in the chin area to create a better jaw line in profile.

A Beverly Hills chin implant, however, can do much more than improve your profile. A chin augmentation can make your neck seem smaller and more graceful, as a small chin often creates the illusion of a “fleshy” neck. As well, a stronger chin can make a nose appear smaller. In general, a Beverly Hills chin implant can bring balance to your face and make your face seem more attractive and in balance.

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