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Botox for Sweating?!

Botox for Sweating?!

I know Botox will get rid of wrinkles, but does it really stop you from sweating too?

Yes, it’s true. A treatment of Botox can stop perspiration of the underarms for 6-8 months!

Almost everyone knows that Botox is without peer in its ability to relax the muscles that cause wrinkles of the forehead and around the eyes, but not everyone knows that it can stop perspiration of the underarms. In much the same way that Botox blocks those muscles’ ability to contract, it prevents the contraction of tiny muscles around sweat glands. Just like turning off the motor of a water pump, it decreases the active secretion of sweat!

Unfortunately, Botox does not work as well for sweaty palms… But I do have patients who notice a decrease amount of perspiration on their forehead!

Here at Beverly Hills plastic Surgery, Inc., Dr. Gabriel Chiu customizes Botox treatments for each individual. After careful active and passive examination of a client’s facial expressions, Dr. Chiu will question them to understand each individual’s desires and needs. Then he will make personalized recommendations accordingly. Finally, Dr. Chiu thoroughly documents each client’s treatment in case they want to change it up a bit at their next Botox injection!