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Measure Up

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Measure Up

Thoughts from Carol the Concierge:

The wonder bra. Bathing suit tops. Halter tops. Nighties. Wonder what Victoria’s real secret is? That they are making millions on a woman’s desire for larger breasts. Water bras? Really?

Ever since a girl starts to develop she awaits the arrival of her ta-ta’s. Sadly much of the time its is not a ta-da! As a smaller breasted gal I completely understand this lack of development. It didn’t help that my older sister developed early and fully, so pictures of us in our teen years are very different. I’m the skinny, flat chested one on the left.

What’s a girl to do when nature just doesn’t really blossom?When bathing suit tops in a size small lose their charm? What about when gravity takes its toll and what was once small yet perky turns into small and droopy?

Dr. Gabriel Chiu to the rescue! He has helped countless women realize their dreams of a more beautiful shape. What is really amazing these days is the choice of implants, from the filling of saline or silicone, what profile will look best, overall shape and most importantly, size. This relates back to the importance of a consultation. Not only will Dr. Chiu do a physical exam, answer your questions and discuss your expectations, but there are also ‘try on’ implants. These are on a cart in the exam room, along with a special bra. The bra has pockets to slip in different implants, you can ‘try on’ different sizes and shapes. If you need a little help in
deciding, the staff is more than happy to help with an opinion. You can even put different sizes on each side to determine what looks best. Just put your regular top
back on over the implanted bra and voila! Instant boobs.

The surgery itself may seem more daunting than it actually is. The good news for the patient is that because you are under anesthesia, the entire procedure will only take a few moments as far as you are concerned. Most patients wonder when the surgery will begin as they are in the recovery room. That’s the wonderful part about being asleep.

Dr. Chiu makes an incision on the areola following a natural curve. I have personally seen his incisions on a friend of mine post-op, they are very small (so surprising after
seeing the size of the implant, how’d he do that?) and heal quickly. Topical gel can be used after the incisions have healed to reduce the amount of scarring, I have heard patients comment that their own doctors were unable to find their scars after a later breast examination. The implants themselves feel so natural that I had to tell my ex-husband that I had a breast augmentation two years into our marriage. It can be your little secret if you like.

Now it’s time for a new wardrobe…..do bathing suit tops come in a large?