Botox Beverly Hills Treatments are Popular with Patients

November 1st, 2010 | Posted in: Botox Treatments |

Botox is an injection injected into the skin in order to smooth out wrinkles and lines. Beverly Hills Botox treatments work because the substance injected weakens or paralyzes individual muscles, which not only smoothes out wrinkles, but can prevent new ones from forming. Beverly Hills Botox treatments have also successfully been used to correct excessive sweating of the hands, feet, and underarm areas. Beverly Hills Botox treatments have even been used to treat migraines.

Beverly Hills Botox treatments have become immensely popular because they are effective, quite affordable compared to other procedures offering similar results, low-risk, and non-invasive. With these treatments, results are often visible immediately or within a few days and patients can return to normal activities immediately as there is no recovery time. Results last a few months, so there is no worry about permanent changes to the face.

When seeking Beverly Hills Botox treatments for the first time, you will likely be asked to squint, frown, or make other facial expressions to allow your surgeon a chance to see the muscles in your face and to determine where best to make the injection. Your surgeon will then use a very small needle to inject the Botox under your skin. Your Beverly Hills surgeon may ask you to remain upright for several hours after the procedure and to avoid alcohol for a few hours or a day after your Beverly Hills Botox treatment. If you are pleased with your results, you may wish to come back every few months for touchups.

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