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Breast Lift Recovery

June 6th, 2016 | Posted in: Breast Lift, Plastic Surgery |

How to Optimize Your Breast Lift Recovery

As with any cosmetic procedure, a breast lift may not fully deliver on its promises unless healed perfectly. The right surgeon, however, will leave you feeling confident and assured in what to expect before and after operation day. In your search, always check a potential doctor’s reviews to see how past patients felt in and out of the operating room.

If you’re considering a breast lift procedure, keep these tips in mind for a full and fast recovery:

Postoperative Care

Patients may experience some bruising, swelling, and discomfort for two to three weeks following surgery. The surgeon may prescribe pain medications to alleviate this. Surgeons may also place a thin, temporary tube under the skin to drain excess liquid. This will usually be removed at the same time as the sutures.

There is often some numbness in the skin and nipples after breast lift surgery, which usually disappears in about six weeks. Some patients feel burning or tingling in their breasts as nerves recover. It may take a month or longer for swelling and bruising to completely reduce, revealing the results of your breast lift.

Patients should avoid sleeping on their chests during this period and may need to sponge bathe their sutures until they are removed, which is typically one to two weeks following surgery. Initially, scars will appear obvious and bright red. However, with proper care, such as with cortisone cream or silicone sheeting, the scars will fade but may never disappear. Occasionally, abnormal scarring occurs. Different techniques lead to different scarring. Patients should discuss their options and potential scarring with their doctor during the consultation.

Recovery Time

During recovery, the patient will need to wear a special bra for a few days after their breast lift to provide support, which can later be replaced by a support bandage or sports bra. These garments should be worn at all times. After about a month, patients may resume wearing underwire bras again if they prefer.

During the first week of recovery, patients need to avoid bending or strenuous activities that cause the chest undue stress. Most patients can return to work and light activities after this time. Heavy lifting should be avoided for at least four to six weeks.

To optimize healing and improve circulation, patients should stop smoking for two to four weeks before their surgery.

Women who are considering breast lift surgery should not plan on becoming pregnant in the future, as the swelling of breasts during pregnancy can reverse the results of a breast lift. A second lift is possible, but will generally lead to more obvious scarring.

Consult your doctor for more personalized suggestions on how to maximize your comfort and minimize your recovery time.

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