Busting the Most Common Breast Augmentation Myths

January 27th, 2017 | Posted in: Breast Augmentation |

When it comes to breast augmentation, one thing is certain: there’s loads of misinformation out there about the procedure. In spite of the extensive information available on the internet and from doctors themselves, there is still a great deal of misunderstanding when it comes to breast implants.

Here’s a closer look at some of the most persistent breast augmentation surgery myths.

14 Myths About Breast Augmentation Surgery

  1. All breast implants look fake—When breast implants first became widely popular, the preferred aesthetic for many women was big, bold, and obviously augmented. While some women still want this look, the majority of them opt for a more modest enhancement of their natural contours, and the best breast augmentation surgeons aspire to give their patients exactly that. By carefully considering breast implant factors like profile, placement, and a patient’s unique measurements, natural-looking breast augmentation is the norm rather then the exception.
  2. Implants have to be large—The truth is that beautiful breast enhancements can come in much smaller packages, and more often than you might realize. With the increasing demand for more realistic images of female beauty in the media, plastic surgeons have seen a similarly growing demand for smaller, more proportionate breast implants.
  3. Implants change breast placement—When breasts look droopy and deflated following childbirth, nursing, or simply as a result of age and gravity, implants usually are not enough to restore the perky look many women hope for. While implants can increase breast size, they can’t change breast placement on the chest wall.
  4. Silicone implants aren’t safe—While there has been a debate over the risk of complications with older silicone implant models from before the turn of the new millennium, modern silicone gel implants have an excellent safety record.
  5. Recovery is painful—Breast augmentation recovery time and pain can vary from one woman to another. Some feel little to no pain, while other may feel some pain for the first few days that can be managed with prescribed painkillers.
  6. Breast augmentation lasts a lifetime—Breast implants (whether silicone or saline) aren’t designed to last your entire lifetime. Major implant manufacturers recommend that you replace them every 10 years to pre-empt a rupture. It’s not a requirement that you do this, and some plastic surgeons even say it’s not necessary unless you have an issue, but you need to be okay with the idea of future surgeries.
  7. You’ll see your results right away—During breast augmentation surgery, your muscles react by tightening up. As a result, your new implants will initially start out higher on your chest, and may look swollen. As you heal over the next several weeks to months, your breasts will slowly settle into a more natural position on your chest.
  8. Breast augmentation will give you the perfect body—A breast augmentation surgery will give you a bigger version of what you already have. And while a lager bust can make your waist appear smaller and hips shapelier, it doesn’t give you a new body. There is only so much a boob job can do. Havin realistic expectations means you’ll be happier with your results.
  9. You like your friend’s breast augmentation. If you go to the same doctor and have the same implant, you’ll get a similar result—Everyone is different, your breasts and your tissues are not like any other woman’s, and, therefore, your surgery will also be unique to you. There are many factors that affect the final results of breast augmentation such as your size, the condition of your skin, and the placement of your implant.
  10. There is only one best way to do a breast augmentation—Every woman has different desires, needs, and body types, so every surgery is different. It is important to find an experienced cosmetic surgeon who can guide you through the various options.
  11. Breast augmentation is a simple operation that any surgeon can do—While almost any well trained cosmetic surgeon can physically place implants in a breast, it takes a skilled cosmetic surgeon with years of training to obtain beautiful and long lasting results.
  12. Cup size is a predictable way to measure the size of a woman’s breast—Not all bras fit the same way. Cup sizes are extremely variable and not an accurate way to describe the size of the breast. A true size is based on measurements and demonstrations with your own tissue.
  13. Textured shell implants are much easier to feel inside the breast compared to smooth gel implants—The difference in thickness between a textured shell implant and that of a smooth gel implant is only a few ten thousandths of an inch and makes little difference when feeling your breasts. The main factors that allow you to feel an implant are the thickness of your skin, fat, and breast tissue, and whether the implant is placed over or under the muscle.
  14. Putting the implant under the muscle will help support my breasts—There is no evidence that putting an implant under the muscle instead of over the muscle will better support the breasts. The two factors that do affect implant support and sagging breasts are: the genetic tissue characteristics that you were born with and the size of your selected implant.

Choosing the Right Plastic Surgeon

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