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When are Face Lift Revisions Necessary?

May 4th, 2016 | Posted in: Face Lift | Tags: , , , , ,

When are Face Lift Revisions Necessary?

When done properly, a facelift can freshen up your appearance and make you look 10 years younger. Unfortunately, it is not uncommon for patients to require facelift revisions for improperly performed facelifts. Why does this happen? The fact is, not all plastic surgeons are created equal.

This is why it is so important to find a surgeon that is expertly skilled and well-reviewed by their clients.

Here at Beverly Hills Plastic Surgery we are tremendously proud of our patient reviews and our customers are satisfied with their final results.

If you feel that your facelift procedure requires correction, here are some facts you should keep in mind:

lf You Are Unhappy With Your Results

It takes a full year for an original facelift procedure to heal completely. It is important that all the bruising and swelling has subsided before you make any decisions about getting a revision.
Once 12 months have passed if you’re still displeased with the results, it is important to find a surgeon that specializes in facelift revisions as they are a lot harder to perform than a standard facelift.

Age Revisions

It is important to keep in mind that even if you are 100% satisfied with your original facelift, it will require revisions as you age. Most facelifts last between 7 to 10 years before they require any revisions. It is critical to speak to your surgeon about your facelift results expectations and the possible need for revisions before and after your surgery.

Ideal facelift revision candidates have:

  • Deep creases around the mouth and eyelids
  • Excess skin hanging from the jawline
  • Loss of fat around the eyes, cheekbones, and mouth region
  • Excess fat surrounding the neck and jowls
  • Skin that is as excessively tight or pulled back

Your Recovery Time

Recovering from a facelift revision is similar to recovering from an original facelift as that the time period varies from patient to patient. Most of the significant swelling will subside within 7 to 10 days, but it usually takes a full 4 – 5 weeks for it to heal. Minor swelling can take up to 2 months to completely dissipate. Patients can see immediate results of their facelift revision after the major swelling subsides.
Now that you know more about facelift revisions and when they are necessary, hopefully it helps you decide whether this procedure is right for you. If you have any further questions or concerns about facelift revisions, feel free to reach out to one of our expert staff members. Here at Beverly Hills Plastic Surgery, we pride ourselves on our dedication to excellence and our facelift revisions have received rave reviews from our clients. Visit to schedule a consultation with us today.