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What are High Riding Breast Implants?

February 5th, 2018 | Posted in: Breast Implants | Tags: , , ,

High riding Breast Implants

“High Riding” breast implants occur in cases where the implants were placed too high on the breasts, putting pressure on the soft tissue beneath. This incorrect implant placement can create an unnatural or masculine appearance, causing the patient to undergo breast revision surgery to correct the problem.

Are my Implants Really High Riding?

Sometimes the implants can appear to ride high when they are new. This is not a problem that requires revision surgery, only time for the surgery to settle with your body. Three to six months is required for your new breasts to fully heal and settle into their proper position. Only then can you tell if there is a problem. The quality of breast skin along with the size of the implants and whether they are textured or smooth will influence the healing process.

If your implants were placed below the muscle, it is important to massage the area so that the muscles can stretch, and the implant can settle lower on the chest. All patients should avoid wearing any kind of push-up bra for six weeks after surgery. Your goal is to allow the implants to drop, while push-up bras do the opposite. Your doctor may also give you a “breast band,” which is a simple band that wraps around the chest and puts pressure on the top of the breasts to help push the implants down.

How is High Riding Breast Implants Corrected?

Patients who do have high riding breast implants will typically have one or more of the following problems, which are corrected in the following ways:

1. Inadequate muscle release; during surgery the doctor releases the muscle.
2. Poor pocket development; during surgery, the doctor increases the pocket size.
3. Early capsule formation; during surgery, the doctor excises the capsule.

What is Involved in Revision Surgery?

High riding implant revision is completed on an outpatient basis under general anesthesia and generally takes about two hours to complete. You should be in good physical and emotional health before having surgery, and you should stop smoking and taking anti-inflammatory drugs at least two weeks before your procedure.

How About Post-Op?

After surgery, you will be given special compression bandages to reduce swelling, and drainage tubes may be placed. You will be prescribed a painkiller for a few weeks. You may return to work about a week after surgery but should avoid strenuous activity and exercise for four to six weeks.

To ensure your new look passes the test of time, try to avoid weight fluctuations and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

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