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How to Avoid Wrinkles

September 8th, 2017 | Posted in: Beauty Tips | Tags:

Avoid wrinkles

The common consensus among many women and men is that aging skin is inevitable, that everybody wrinkles at the same rate, and that there really is not much that can be done to prevent it. However, with the ample array of information and technologies available on the market today, there are multiple ways to prolong looking as young as you feel. It is important to maintain the best aging skin care possible to preserve your youthful glow.

Whether you are only just beginning to see the first signs of aging, or already have skin that doesn’t exactly keep your birthday a low key secret, there are certain habits that can help avoid the onset of premature wrinkles to keep your skin looking younger (and healthier) longer. Here are some of the best aging skin care tips to avoid getting those unwanted visible lines on an otherwise fresh face.

Get a Full Night’s Rest

It might sound obvious, but getting the right amount of sleep is necessary. It is vital to sleep at least 7 to 8 hours a night to rejuvenate the skin, which is why it’s called “beauty sleep!”

Skip Tanning and the Sun

Not surprisingly, tanning is one of the leading causes of premature wrinkles, as ultraviolet rays hugely penetrate deep layers of the skin, weakening the skin’s support structure. Though wearing lotion with SPF 15 or higher will help protect the skin — which by itself should be a daily part of the skin regime — staying away from harsh sunlight is often a good idea to prevent faster signs of aging. Something not to ever skip out on, however, is remembering to wear enough sunscreen. This is the best aging skin care habit to maintain and truly makes a difference in hindering the appearance of age on the face.

Trash Those Cigarettes

Smoking monumentally accelerates the skin’s aging process, with wrinkling having been discovered in smokers as young as twenty. Not only is smoke inhalation by itself terrible for the skin, not to mention your health in general, but tobacco is widely known to turn the skin an unhealthy color and texture. The best thing you can do for your skin and your body is to quit smoking.

Don’t Worry, Be Happy

Like it or not, even daily facial contractions, such frowning and squinting contribute tremendously to the onset of crow’s feet, frown lines, and other unwanted facial flaws. Simple steps such as wearing sunglasses or corrective eyewear to avoid squinting or regularly relaxing the resting face will help minimize extraneous contractions that prevent wrinkling.

No Yo-Yo Dieting

Another surprising factor in wrinkle development would be unhealthy weight loss, as research has shown that unbalanced years of losing weight and gaining the weight back can damage the skin’s elastic structure. Losing or gaining weight in a steady manner, however, can ease the skin into accepting the new size of one’s body.

It’s important also to remember that the skin is actually the body’s largest organ and needs ample protecting. Eating a balanced diet helps keep skin healthy and though one can never truly rid themselves of wrinkles entirely, there are definitely some things that can be considered when eating to minimize signs of aging on the skin.

Stay Hydrated

They say that good skin starts from within, so make sure to stay hydrated with water, coconut water, and green tea, which are all full of antioxidants that play a vital part in keeping skin young and healthy. Plus, not only is moisturizing from within important, but water also detoxes the body by flushing out harmful wastes.

Be Nice to Your Skin

Especially for those struggling with acne, it is important not to scrub too aggressively when skin breaks out. The worst thing that can be done to acne-prone skin is to engage in constant scrubbing or over washing, which further irritates the skin.

Acne is not merely caused by dirt or uncleanliness, but more from hormones. Instead of rubbing the face raw, wash very gently and use products, like salicylic acid, that target the acne directly. Poking, prodding, and picking at the face causes scarring, pigmentation, and more chances of bacteria entering deep into the skin.

Trade Coffee for Cocoa

That morning cup of Joe can be more harmful than you think. Too much caffeine can first of all, interfere with sleep quality, cutting into rejuvenation time and prematurely aging the skin. What’s more is that repetitive movements like sipping through a straw can causes fine lines and wrinkles.

Why not skip that morning brew and go for something sweeter instead? In a 2006 study published in the Journal of Nutrition, researchers found that cocoa contained high levels of two dietary flavanols (epicatchin and catechin) that can protect the skin from sun damage, affect hydration, improve circulation to skin cells, and make the skin look and feel smoother.

Superfood it!

There’s no single miracle food that can make the skin less wrinkly, but choosing foods that are known to contain vitamins, minerals, and omega-3 fatty acids definitely contributes to the best aging skin care techniques. Things such as Vitamins A, C, E, riboflavin, niacin, pyridoxine and selenium all play key roles in skin health.

Moisturize, Moisturize, Moisturize

And finally, the cardinal rule to top it all off. Moisturizing cannot be emphasized enough because even the simplest moisturizer without any special added ingredients can reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. The skin looks plumper and suppler, rather than drier with more fine lines. Furthermore, most skin moisturizers and treatments on the market today contain some type of anti-aging ingredient that can be highly beneficial to de-aging the skin.

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