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Is a Los Angeles Mastopexy an Alternative to Breast Enhancement?

May 25th, 2010 | Posted in: Breast Lift |

Many women today are opting for a Los Angeles mastopexy, or breast lift, rather than a breast augmentation. While the results of a Los Angeles mastopexy procedure can be very effective, it is important to note that the two procedures are very different. During a breast augmentation at a mastopexy Beverly Hills clinic, a surgeon creates a small incision under the nipple and under the breast. During the procedure, an implant is fitted inside each breast before the incision is closer. The result is a larger bust line.

In a Los Angeles mastopexy procedure, the surgeon makes an incision but instead of adding an implant, changes the contour and position of the breast. The breasts are no larger after a Los Angeles mastopexy, but they look more youthful because the inevitable pull of gravity has been changed. Some women today choose to have an augmentation when they wish to create a more youthful look, but an increasing number of women are choosing Los Angeles mastopexy surgeries, since these surgeries create a more pleasing contour without the worries about breast implants.