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Plastic Surgery for Men

February 17th, 2017 | Posted in: Chin Implant, Face Lift, Gynecomastia Treatments, Liposuction, Male Breast Reduction | Tags: , ,

Cosmetic surgery is a procedure that is not only exclusive to women. In the United States alone, around 10% of cosmetic surgery in the country is performed on men. Unlike women, it is hard to sell cosmetic surgical procedures to men because our society, as a whole, is not accustomed to the idea of changing men’s personal looks by any means. Although there is a low number of men who opt for cosmetic surgery, they are becoming more popular, especially among millennials.

While the majority of the plastic surgery procedures are done on women, there is an increasing number of men who are showing interest in going under the knife. The main reason is that society tends to focus more and more on our physical looks. Men want to look good to build confidence leading to a better relationship and career growth. This is the reason why there are many types of plastic surgery for men. Below are the common cosmetic surgery procedures that are available and/or specific for men.

Varieties of Plastic Surgery for Men


Also called eyelid rejuvenation, blepharoplasty fixes everything around the eye.This procedure includes the lateral brows that sag over the eyelids, hanging skin, and fat pads below the eyelids. Droopy eyelids add up to looking older. This kind of problem occurs among men especially when they get older or if they are under too much stress. Sleep deprivation can also lead to droopy and unsightly eyelids. Eyelid rejuvenation is done by tightening the muscles and skin around the upper eyelid as well as removing the excess fat and relocating them to the cheeks to add more structure.

Neck Lifts

Men are also prone to developing “turkey necks” which can look unsightly when they are wearing suits and ties. It also makes the face look heavier, thus affecting the masculinity of the jaw line. Having this excess skin can encourage premature aging. Getting a neck lift can restore your youthful appearance. Neck lift is considered as an outpatient procedure and comes with very little pain. Male patients who get this procedure can go back to their normal lives after a few days of rest and recuperation.

Nose Surgery

Rhinoplasty, or nose surgery, is a procedure wherein the shape of your nose is improved so that it can properly blend in your face. Before the cosmetic surgeon performs a rhinoplasty, a facial analysis is often done first. There are different problems of the nose that may need nose surgery. These include having a nose that is too big, too small, out of place, or not proportioned. Nose surgery on male patients is done with finesse as the cosmetic surgeon needs to fix the nose without adding feminine features to it. Rhinoplasty is also done in conjunction with other cosmetic surgical procedures such as chin augmentation to provide harmonious overall facial appearance. Rhinoplasty is an easy procedure and takes less recovery time so that the male patient can get back to their normal activities within a week.

Chin Augmentation

Chin augmentation is a procedure wherein silicone implants are placed underneath the soft tissues of the chin. This provides more balance to overall facial features. This particular procedure is often done together with rhinoplasty to balance the proportions of the nose, chin, and the face.


Most men, as they get older, develop “dad bods”, which is a slang term that refers to their slightly overweight and less muscular physique. At some point in time, the dad bod became very fashionable, however today it screams out poor health. The accumulation of fat around the abdomen area puts men (and women) at risk for developing heart diseases and even metabolic diseases like diabetes. Liposuction not only helps in contouring the shape of the body, but sucks out excess fat—which can do wonders for their health. This is a great cosmetic procedure done on problematic areas that are difficult to deal with,even with exercising at the gym. Liposuction is not only limited in the abdomen but can also be done on the flanks, buttocks, arms, and thighs.

Male Breast Reduction

Having a dad bod also means being prone to developing gynecomastia. Gynecomastia is a condition wherein men accumulate fat cells around the breast area. Gynecomastia tends to look very feminine which can affect the confidence of men who have the condition. The male breast reduction is a procedure done by removing excess elements around the male breast and improving the tightness of the skin of the breast.

Choosing the Right Surgeon for You

If you are looking for Beverly Hills Plastic Surgery options, then you should book a consultation with Dr. Chiu at Beverly Hills Plastic Surgery. As one of the top surgeons in the area, Dr. Chiu has the expertise to help you choose the best cosmetic plastic surgery for men.

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