Preparing for Your Upcoming Tummy Tuck

December 16th, 2015 | Posted in: Tummy Tuck |

If you’ve decided to undergo tummy tuck surgery, there’s little doubt that you are eager to get rid of that loose, abdominal skin and stubborn fat. But even if you’ve set your mind and heart full-speed ahead for this procedure, there are other factors that need consideration and preparation. Thorough pre-operative planning not only involves an understanding of the tummy tuck (or abdominoplasty) process, but it requires following the guidelines set by your surgeon, and taking steps and organizational strides to better ensure successful results and a comfortable recovery period.

What to Expect During Your Pre-Op Appointment

One important step when preparing for a tummy tuck is the consultation you’ll have with your surgeon beforehand. During this appointment, you should be ready to discuss your medical history and you may be required to have some bloodwork done.
A particular medication and supplement plan will also be discussed with you, including medication and supplements to be taken or adjusted, as well as those that should be very much avoided. Anti-inflammatory drugs are one example of medications you shouldn’t take in this case, because they can cause excessive bleeding. Your surgeon will also cover the limitations you should place on strenuous physical activities following the procedure.

Additionally, if you are a smoker, you can expect to be instructed to quit for possibly months in advance of your abdominoplasty and during your recovery. Smoking can increase your risk for complications and healing problems. Nicotine’s interference with blood flow can lead to tissue necrosis and prevent incision wounds from healing properly. So when it comes to your health and the investment you’ve put into this surgery, it’s best to take those cigarettes and nip them in the “butt.”

Making Your Environment Recovery Ready

Following your tummy tuck, your body will need time to heal. It’s essential. This is not to say that you will be entirely down for the count during this period, in fact many patients are able to resume work, light exercise and other daily activities within the first few weeks. However, you will find that there will be some limitations, and that preparing your home for this important period can make a load of difference in the comfort and ease of your recovery phase. Here’s a quick checklist that can help keep post-op prep regrets out of the equation:

1. Clean your house before you have your tummy tuck and if possible, try to enlist some help to maintain its tidiness during your recovery. This can be essential to making sure that your body has the chance to heal and youdo not overdo it.
2. Have food stocked and meals prepared so that there’s no worrying about making something to eat when there’s rest and recovering to do.
3. Make sure you have loose and comfortable clothing on hand, so that it can be removed and put on without strain or discomfort.
4. Prepare a recovery station with essentials close by and within easy reaching distance. This can include a table or nightstand where you place items such as your medications, your cellphone, the remote control, tissue and bottled water. Also, make sure you move food, toiletries and other important items at hip level, so that you will not be required to bend over or reach up.
5. Have boredom-reducing items handy, like books, magazines, video games and a laptop.
6. Stock up on crackers to relieve nausea.
7. Make sure you have a reclining chair or enough pillows on your bed to keep your upper body elevated and supported.
8. Keep some moisturizer near you.
9. Avoid stress, which can affect your recovery. Take deep breaths, rest and relax.

Taking a Step Towards a More Slender Tummy,

If you are already in the process of achieving your body goals with a tummy tuck, these helpful hints and preparation steps can be valuable tools to a better recovery and a successful outcome. But if you are just beginning this journey, you’ll first need to consult with an experienced plastic surgeon that will review your situation and potentially design a plan that meets your needs. To take this step today, request an appointment with leading Beverly Hills surgeon Dr. Gabriel Chiu, or call 310.888.8087 if you have any questions.

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