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An ear deformity can be disastrous for a person’s self-esteem no matter what age they are. From teasing schoolchildren to ridiculing adults, the comments about large or unshapely ears never seem to stop coming, and unfortunately, because of this, insecurities are bound to follow. Otoplasty is a surgical procedure that can be performed on both adults and children to reshape, resize, and recontour the ear, and it can be used to address many ear conditions.

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What Can Otoplasty Treat?

Ear Pinning

When the majority of people hear about otoplasty, they assume the only thing it does is pin back ears. Ear pinning corrects ears that are protruding at too great of an angle. While this is a common request of otoplasty patients, it’s not the only thing that the procedure can help fix. When in conjunction with other techniques, ear pinning can have additional benefits and results. This makes sure that the ear not only sits closer to the scalp but has a matching, aesthetically pleasing form.

Lop Ear or Cup Ear

Lop or cup ear is a deformity that occurs when the top of the ear folds over and covers other portions of the ear below. This fold can be either loose or tight and is often prominent at birth. Unless it is treated within the first few weeks of the patient’s life, when the ears are still flexible and able to be remolded, surgery is necessary to handle this ear deformity.

Shell Ear

Shell ear is the absence of the crus, a cartilage fold that gives the upper ear its shape and structure. Missing the crus causes the upper portion of the ear to curve just like a shell would. Otoplasty can address the missing folds and add definition and shape to the upper ear.

Cauliflower Ear

Cauliflower ear is caused by an external injury to the ear. This deformity occurs when pressure causes excess blood to collect in the outer ear without draining properly. This excess blood and fluid lead to the swelling and reshaping of the ear so that it resembles a cauliflower. Because this deformity is a result of injury, it most often occurs in wrestlers, boxers, and other athletes who may take hits to the ears. To improve this condition, otoplasty drains the ear and reposition any abnormal cartilage or tissue that is contributing to the condition.

Anotia (Ear Reconstruction)

An otoplasty procedure can do more than alter your existing ear allowing it to look natural and aesthetically pleasing. There are otoplasty techniques that can also construct missing ears. Whether the lack of an ear was due to a congenital deformity or a serious injury, missing this feature can create constant insecurity and anxiety in a person. Otoplasty can create an ear out of other tissue and cartilage so that you can start to boost your confidence and show off your new ear with pride.

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