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Why You Might Want to Consider a Los Angeles Chin Implant

July 19th, 2010 | Posted in: Chin Implant |

Many people do not consider a Los Angeles chin plant because they rarely see themselves in profile. However, when you look at yourself in profile, you may realize that a stronger and more pronounced chin may help your overall appearance. Adding a chin implant involves creating an incision and inserting an implant to make your chin more shapely and larger. A Los Angeles chin implant can change several things about your appearance:

1) The look of an overbite. A small chin can make an overbite appear more pronounced in profile, so that a Los Angeles chin implant can make the mouth look more even.

2) Your profile. An underdeveloped or undersized chin simply does not look “right” and makes your profile look weak and unbalanced. A Los Angeles chin implant can often rectify the problem.

3) It can reduce the appearance of a double chin. When a chin is too short, this often makes the space under the chin look proportionally larger, creating the look of a “double chin” even in someone who does not actually have one. A Los Angeles chin implant can help smooth out the area and create a tauter-looking jaw line.

4) It can make your nose look smaller. If you are considering rhinoplasty, consider a chin implant first. In some cases, a nose looks larger and more pronounced because the chin is too small.

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