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Before and After Your Mommy Makeover

July 17th, 2018 | Posted in: Mommy Makeover | Tags: , , , , , ,

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When you invest in a mommy makeover, you are investing in a complete body change that will boost your confidence and will enhance your natural beauty from the inside out. With high rates of surgery success and improved self-esteem after the procedure, it’s no wonder this surgery is more popular than ever.

If you are interested in a mommy makeover in Beverly Hills, you should know what to expect before and after the procedure. You can check out the following guide below, courtesy of the professional and friendly staff at Beverly Hills Plastic Surgery. In this guide, you will receive a few pointers about what you should do both before and after your mommy makeover procedure.

Before Your Mommy Makeover

Before you go into your body-changing procedure, there are a few things you should know. You want to make sure you are well informed about what changes your body is going through, and what to expect before investing in the surgery. Make sure you understand the cost as well as the recovery time you’ll need after the surgery is complete.

Quit Smoking

It might be a good idea to quit smoking a few months before your scheduled surgery date. If there is a decent amount of nicotine in your system, it can make the healing process a lot more slow and difficult. Plus, smoking can also inhibit your blood flow, and blood flow during your time of surgery is crucial – especially when it comes to blood circulation in the areas of your body being worked on.

Arrange Help

You won’t be able to drive yourself after the procedure. You want to arrange to have a trusted friend or family member to be there with you to take you home from the surgery center. This person should ideally be able to help you throughout the recovery process as well, whether that includes staying around the home or being able to pick up your prescriptions for you.

Get Your Medicine

It’s important that you fill your prescriptions before your mommy makeover procedure. That way, you’ll already have them on hand by the time you are in the recovery phase. It can be inconvenient to try and retrieve your prescription when you are in pain and trying to recover from surgery.

After Your Mommy Makeover

There are a few things you should come to expect after your mommy makeover as well. During the healing phase, there is a lot you should consider making sure that you are recovering swiftly and correctly.

Follow All Instructions

You should follow the post-op instructions given to you by Dr. Chiu very closely. If you feel like you are healing at a faster rate than normal, don’t allow yourself to resume normal activity before the doctor gives you the all-clear. You should continue to take your prescribed medicines and go through any routine that was prescribed to you.

Eat and Drink Well

Make sure to drink plenty of liquid, mostly including water. You’ll also want to make efforts to maintain a healthy diet while you are recovering. Lots of minerals and vitamins can speed up the recovery process and restore your body back to its natural strength. Water, too, accelerates healing and gives your body what it needs to be strong.

Be Prepared to Be Emotional

The recovery process is long and sometimes exhausting. You may be feeling not only physically drained, but mentally drained as well. You can expect to have some emotional ups and downs during the recovery process. Your prescribed medications may throw off your moods as well. Just keep in mind that this is completely natural and a normal part of healing.

Mommy Makeover in Beverly Hills

At Beverly Hills Plastic Surgery, we are excited to offer you a variety of options for your mommy makeover in Beverly Hills. We pride ourselves in helping patients bring out the best in their confidence and beauty, and we believe you deserve the chance to feel great. To get more answers or to schedule a consultation, you can contact us online at any time. You can also give us a call at (310) 888-8087 at any time!

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