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What Beverly Hills Botox Treatment Can Do

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What Beverly Hills Botox Treatment Can Do

When it comes to Botox, Beverly Hills is an eager customer. Many surgeons offer Beverly Hills Botox treatments and many patients in the Beverly Hills area are big fans of Botox. If you are considering Beverly Hills Botox treatment yourself, you may be curious what Botox can do for you. Botox is used in many ways:

1) To prevent lines and wrinkles from forming by freezing some facial muscles.

2) To temporarily smooth out existing lines by freezing the facial muscles that cause them. Beverly Hills Botox treatments are especially popular for the area between eyebrows, crow’s feet, neck, forehead, chin area, and for a down-turned mouth. Results usually last up to four months.

3) To address facial asymmetry using a technique surgeons call facial shaping. In many cases, asymmetry is caused by facial muscle movement. When this is the case, Beverly Hills Botox treatments can fix the problem.

4) To fix excessive sweating. Beverly Hills Botox treatments have been shown to be effective in treating hyperhidrosis on the hands, feet, scalp, and underarm areas.

5) To treat migraines