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Breast Implants Health News

May 16th, 2016 | Tags: , ,

Latest Health News on Breast Implants Breast augmentation is an exciting procedure that can give women the self-confidence that they lost or were never able to have by giving them beautiful, voluminous breasts. However, like all procedures, breast augmentation comes with some risks and plenty of benefits. Silicone vs. Saline Implants While both silicone and…

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Breast Augmentation Revision

May 2nd, 2016 | Tags:

When you don’t get the results you want after a breast augmentation, you might automatically think the worst. You can feel terrible about how you look and you can feel less confident overall. However, there are options for you and you can often fix your failed surgery to make it look more like you want…

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Saline Vs. Silicone Implants

April 20th, 2016 | Tags: , ,

For the uninitiated, breast augmentation might seem like a confusing and overwhelming process. In addition to considering financial concerns and other potential complications, there are several different choices to make when it comes to the implants themselves. To help people who are considering a breast augmentation, this article will explain the differences between the two…

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The Benefits of Breast Augmentation

April 18th, 2016 | Tags: , ,

Breast augmentation is one of the most popular plastic surgery procedures worldwide. While several patients choose breast augmentation surgery to improve the size and shape of their breasts, there are many other benefits as well. Am I a Good Candidate? Good candidates for breast augmentation surgery include: Women who are displeased with the size and…

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Can Breast Augmentation Look Natural?

April 15th, 2016 | Tags: , , , ,

In typical conversation, breast augmentation is thought of as an unnatural enlargement. But this is simply the prevailing notion brought about by Hollywood actresses. The truth is that natural breast augmentation is very attainable nowadays. These are the choices and factors you will have to consider before the breast augmentation process. Implant Type and Shape…

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Types of Breast Augmentation

April 13th, 2016 | Tags: ,

Breast augmentations can increase confidence and can make you feel better about yourself and can help you when you would like to make a change. You should think about which type of breast augmentation would be best for you and the kind you think you can afford. Talking to a plastic surgeon with good customers…

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Life After Implants

December 18th, 2015 |

Life After Implants Breast implant questions during the pre and post-surgery process are normal and to be expected. An informed patient will have a successful surgical experience because he or she will know what to expect through the entire breast augmentation procedure. The excitement and nervousness that may be felt before a breast implant surgery…

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Keller Funnel Reduces Scarring During Breast Augmentation

October 30th, 2015 |

Keller Funnel Reduces Scarring During Breast Augmentation Year after year, breast augmentation continues to hold its ground as the leading plastic surgery procedure performed. Thanks to advances in technology and techniques, patients now have more options when it comes to this curve enhancing experience. One newer option that has fairly recently come into play is…

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