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Facial Asymmetry Surgery

May 11th, 2016 | Posted in: Chin Implant, Eyelid Surgery, Face Lift, Juvederm Treatments, Restylane Treatments | Tags: , ,

Facial asymmetry surgery has many benefits. People are naturally attracted to symmetrical faces. Symmetry has been linked to agreeableness, extroversion, conscientiousness, and an enviable social life. Facial symmetry has also been equated with employment success.

You can see why so many people are choosing plastic surgery to solve their asymmetrical imperfections — facial symmetry is desirable. Fortunately, there are a number of procedures offered at Beverly Hills Plastic Surgery to help you look and feel beautiful.

Facial Symmetry with Dermal Fillers

For minor, but noticeable asymmetry, injectable dermal fillers can be an option. Fillers can be used to plump up certain areas to give the face symmetry. These fillers do not provide a permanent solution.

Depending on the filler, retreatment may be needed every few months to a year for patients who aren’t interested in surgery, or only have a small degree of asymmetry, or don’t want to commit to a permanent change in their face.

Dermal fillers can be particularly helpful for asymmetry in and around the lips and mouth. Filler options include Botox, Juvederm, Hydrelle, Radiesse, and Restylane. Juvederm and Restylane are usually considered the best options for lip augmentation.

In some cases, the surgeon may even be able to take fat from one part of the face, or elsewhere on the body, and inject it in places that need plumping without using a filler. However, like with fillers, this is not a permanent solution so patients will need to return for touch ups at regular intervals.

Facial Symmetry with Lifts

Lifts can also help resolve facial asymmetry by tightening skin and muscle, and removing excess skin and fat. Options for lifts include facelifts, brow lifts, and eye lifts. A facelift, or rhytidectomy, generally refers to a lifting and tightening of the entire face, while brow lifts and eye lifts are more specific to the parts of the face the names imply.

While many patients express a fear of getting an “artificial” look from a lift procedure, modern technology and a skilled plastic surgeon can achieve very natural looking results.

Symmetry Through Implants and Augmentation

Implants and augmentation are the most invasive solutions to asymmetry of the face, but provide the most potential for change. They require manipulation of the skin, muscle, and fat tissue, and may also require shaving of the bone and cartilage or shaping using a custom implant.

Ear Surgery, or otoplasty, can be used to correct mismatched ears. The procedure may involve manipulating the cartilage to match the shapes of the two ears, or “pinning back” one or both ears if one sticks out noticeably farther than the other. While changing the cartilage is a fairly invasive procedure, “pinning” the ears is fairly straight forward with a quick recovery time for patients.

Rhinoplasty is a well-known surgery used to correct malformation in the nose, including asymmetry. A rhinoplasty may even be medically necessary if your nasal asymmetry affects your breathing.

Cheek and chin augmentation are the most effective procedures for correcting severe facial asymmetry. They require the reshaping of the face’s skeletal structure, the use of implants, or both. Chin augmentation in particular can help correct asymmetrical jawlines. However, if your asymmetry is a result of misalignment between the upper and lower jaws, a different, non-cosmetic procedure may be required to correct the asymmetry and prevent future medical problems.

Facial Asymmetry Surgeon Dr. Chiu

Often, multiple procedures will need to be performed in conjunction with one another to maximize results and achieve greater facial symmetry. These can be performed at the same time or as separate surgeries. Your plastic surgeon will work with you during your consultation to determine which procedures would be the best fit for your particular face and problems and when they should be done.

If you’re considering surgery to fix facial asymmetry or any other physical flaw, don’t hesitate to act. Dr. Chiu is a board certified and experienced plastic surgery who has been servicing the Los Angeles area for many years. Contact his office at Beverly Hills Plastic Surgery today to schedule an appointment for your consultation.

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