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Tag: weight loss

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Life After Weight Loss: Liposuction, CoolSculpting®, and Other Body Contouring

January 16th, 2020 | Posted in: Body Contouring

2 Min ReadBeing overweight or obese is taxing on both physical and mental well-being, so reaching your weight goals should be celebrated. Yet, not many people are prepared for how much their bodies change after the extra pounds are shed.For some patients, body contouring after weight loss can help patients eliminate loose skin and tissues.Liposuction […]

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4 Reasons for Post-Gastric Bypass Body Sculpting

October 24th, 2018 | Posted in: Post-Gastric Bypass Body Sculpting

Weight loss through any means is a success worth celebrating. Unfortunately, it can come with skin laxity that cannot be remedied without cosmetic surgery. When you lose weight quickly, as you do with gastric bypass surgery, your skin doesn’t always shrink along with what’s underneath it. Your skin loses its elasticity and structure as you […]

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Cosmetic Procedures to Consider After a Large Weight Loss

April 2nd, 2018 | Posted in: Body Contouring, Body Sculpting, Breast Lift, Cosmetic Surgery, Liposuction, Plastic Surgery, Tummy Tuck

You’ve done it! You’ve lost a large amount of weight, either through bariatric surgery or your own diet and exercise routine. The problem is, now you are left with sagging, overhanging skin and fat on all over your body that gets in the way of dressing, exercising, and just plain living. What do you do? […]

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