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How to Prepare for a Tummy Tuck

Even though your tummy tuck (abdominoplasty) surgery may be weeks away, it is never too early to begin getting ready for your procedure. When preparing to undergo abdominoplasty, you may feel a bit overwhelmed. To make it easier for you, we have come up with a guide to help ensure that your body is completely ready for the procedure.

The following will enable your body to recover swiftly and effectively:

  • Exercise during the days leading up to surgery to boost your immune system and keep your body safe from infection after the tummy tuck is complete. Yoga, swimming, and weightlifting are great ways to get your entire body in shape. Just make sure not to overdo it on the abdominal exercises.

  • Be sure to consume a diet that contains an ample amount of protein in order to help the incisions heal in a timely manner. Foods such as chicken, fish, and eggs are great ways to not only prepare your body for abdominoplasty, but also speed up your metabolism in the process.

  • Do NOT smoke at least two weeks before your tummy tuck surgery. This is one of the most important guidelines to follow because smoking can cause complications to arise with anesthesia during surgery and delay wound healing afterwards. To ensure a safe and proper recovery, you should also refrain from smoking until the incisions are completely closed and you return to your normal routine.

  • You should always avoid taking any anti-inflammatory medication for the first few weeks before and after your tummy tuck. Anti-inflammatory drugs such as aspirin, ibuprofen (e.g., Advil or Motrin), and naproxen (e.g., Aleve) can increase bleeding during and after surgery. For this reason, it is best to avoid these over-the-counter medications to lower your risk for bleeding.

During your consultation, Dr. Gabriel Chiu will thoroughly discuss these preoperative guidelines as well as instruct you what you need to do postoperatively.

At Beverly Hills Plastic Surgery, we strive to provide you with the safest and most effective tummy tuck procedure possible. To schedule your abdominoplasty, call (888) 754-8955 or fill out our online consultation form today.


Mentor’s® Newest Breast Implant: MemoryShape™

Until recently, only two implant options (saline and silicone) implants were used for breast augmentation. However, the FDA approval of Mentor’s® MemoryShape™ implants allows patients another option for undergoing breast enhancement surgery. Though regular saline and silicone implants are still popular choices for breast augmentation, MemoryShape™ implants may be more beneficial for some patients.


How are MemoryShape™ Implants Different?




MemoryShape™ implants are made of a higher concentration of silicone gel, which makes the implants more cohesive than past silicone implants. This allows the silicone molecules in MemoryShape™ implants be more tightly bonded together, resulting in material that is firmer and feels more like a natural breast.


Unlike common saline and silicone implants that are usually rounded, Mentor’s new MemoryShape™ implant is a teardrop shape, which causes the breasts to maintain a natural appearance. The new implant also includes a textured surface, which decreases the risk of the implants moving in the breasts and affecting a patient’s overall physique.


Although saline and silicone gel implants are not likely to leak or rupture, MemoryShape™ implants are even less likely to cause any complications. This is because MemoryShape™ implants contain more of a semi-solid material rather than a liquid found in saline and silicone implants. This more concentrated form of silicone allows MemoryShape™ implants to typically last longer than other implants and lessens the chances of rupturing or leaking happening.

If you are interested in undergoing a breast enhancement with MemoryShape™ implants and are at least 22 years of age, feel free to contact our Beverly Hills plastic surgeon, Dr. Gabriel Chiu. Call (888) 754-8955 or fill out our online contact form to schedule your consultation with Beverly Hills Plastic Surgery today.


Body Fat for Stem Cell Use?

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Body Fat Can Be Harvested for Future Stem Cell Use


Body fat is often used for many cosmetic procedures, such as breast and butt enhancements, as well as a dermal filler to smooth wrinkles and plump the skin. Now, scientists have determined that body fat, medically termed “adipose tissue,” also has the potential to treat a variety of diseases. Experts say adipose tissue is an excellent source of stem cells, which can be used for cell-based therapies and remedying diseases, including arthritis, diabetes, heart disease, and potentially even HIV/AIDS in the future.


Stem cells have the unique ability to develop into a wide range of cell types and are part of an internal repair system in the body’s tissues. As stem cells renew themselves through cell division, each new cell has the capacity to either remain a stem cell or to develop into a cell with a specialized function. If there are worn out or damaged tissues, stem cells can divide to regenerate the tissues with healthy cells. Numerous studies have been conducted to determine the specific characteristics of these cells, and scientists have successfully produced knee cartilage, heart muscles, bladders, tracheas, and blood vessels using the patients’ own stem cells. More research is needed to identify exactly how and why the stem cells develop into differentiated cells before they can be used in common practice. Once scientists determine how to induce stem cells to generate specialized cell types and ‘grow’ tissues more accurately, stem cells can be used for regenerative medicine to repair the damaged or destroyed cell populations associated with acute and degenerative diseases.


Fat tissue is an affluent source of mesenchymal stem cells, with 500 times more of these stem cells compared to some other tissues, such as bone marrow. Liposuction, a minimally invasive procedure, has made fat tissue easily accessible, and it is the most popular cosmetic procedure being requested at Dr. Gabriel Chiu’s plastic surgery center. While gaining a slimmer and more attractive appearance, patients at Beverly Hills Plastic Surgery, Inc. can also have stem cells harvested from their fat tissue for cryogenic storage. Rather than disposing of these cells, they will be stored at very low temperatures in order to preserve them until science has developed a way to use them, if necessary, to treat a disease in the patient. Patients undergoing other procedures, such as a tummy tuck, breast reduction, or thigh lift, can also have their adipose tissue collected for stem cell storage.


If you are interested in learning more about stem cell harvesting or any cosmetic procedure, please read our recent press release or call 310-888-8087 to schedule a consultation with our Beverly Hills board certified surgeon, Dr. Gabriel Chiu. Dr. Chiu has performed thousands of surgeries and is dedicated to providing his patients with safe and effective procedures.


What is the purpose of lash enhancers?

What is the purpose of lash enhancers?
Eyelashes decrease in length by almost 50% from our 20’s to our 40’s. Millions are being spent every year in false lashes, mascara, and eyeliner to cosmetically improve eyelashes. Lash enhancers are now available to provide similar or even better results ‘naturally’. Latisse has been FDA approved to lengthen (25%), thicken (106%) and darken (18%) eyelashes- counteract the natural decrease in length, thickness and darkness that occurs in our eyelashes as we age. Off label, Latisse will thicken eyebrows as well.

Beverly Hills Lash Enhancers

What is the difference between lash growth enhancers available over-the-counter and those that require a prescription?
Latisse is THE ONLY FDA approved product to lengthen eyelashes.  ALL others have not been approved so we don’t know what is in them and/or they are simply eyelash conditioners, which may help improve eyelashes, but cannot make a claim to enhance their growth.

Who is the ideal candidate for lash growth enhancers, and who should not use them?
An ideal candidate is anyone who is concerned about their eyelashes. Whether the candidate has thin, weak, or short eyelashes, Latisse will improve the condition. Even someone who uses false eyelashes will find Latisse to strengthen their lashes for a better, longer-lasting hold. It is important to always consult a licensed practitioner since Latisse is only obtained through a doctor’s prescription.

How are lash enhancers applied?
Topically to the base of the lashes. Although it is recommended to use every night prior to sleeping, it can be used each morning if preferred.

Why is it important to use a lash growth enhancer?
To achieve longer, thicker and darker eyelashes, which enhance and frame the eyes. Longer, thicker, and darker lashes are associated with youth and beauty.

What should consumers look for when choosing an enhancer?
FDA approved= safety and efficacy, licensed clinical recommendation and proven results.


Trending Medical Procedures: Dr. Gabriel Chiu, Beverly Hills Plastic Surgery, Inc.

What would you say is the most popular medical or cosmetic procedure being requested at your office right now?

Liposuction. Some of the most popular areas right now are stomach and love handles, arms, and thighs as everyone is getting ready for spring break and summer beach bodies. High definition facial liposuction to the jawline is also popular to provide a more “sharp” and youthful look.

What does this procedure entail, and what issues does it address?

Liposuction can address any problem areas. It involves using a long, hollow rod with holes on one end and a vacuum on the other to shear and suction fat cells after the tissues have been treated with a medicated solution. I am known for high-definition liposuction, during which stylized and customized cannulas are used to targeted areas for a high-intensity, sculpted look.

Why do you think this has become a trend?

Liposuction is especially popular right now as people are getting ready for spring weddings and the summer. While the stomach and love handles have been and always will be popular, arms and jawlines have been extremely popular with brides and bridesmaids so that they can look their best in strapless gowns and for their photos- which every bride uses to reminisce throughout their lifetime. Thighs are often requested in preparation for summer because of all the short shorts, daisy dukes, miniskirts, and bikinis.

To whom would you recommend this procedure? Who would be the ideal candidate?

The ideal candidate will be healthy, in relatively good shape, but with problem areas that never seem to go away no matter how hard they work out, how diligently they diet, or what treatments they succumb their bodies to. Ideal candidates will not have significant stretch marks, sagging tissues, or poor skin tone.

What benefits do patients report after having this done?  (Include before after pictures and/or testimonials if available.)

Not only do patients report correction of their trouble areas, they experience tightening of the skin and tissues in the area of liposuction, improvement of their contours and silhouette, and a more youthful appearance. Often times, liposuction can inspire and motivate patients to lead even healthier and more active lifestyles, since patient want to preserve their newly-sculpted and toned bodies.