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An Exemplary Surgeon

Dr. Gabriel Chiu

When choosing a plastic surgeon, it is important to make sure your doctor is well-rounded. In addition to education, training, and experience, it is important that the surgeon has a safe facility and has received positive feedback from his or her patients. Not only does Beverly Hills plastic and reconstructive surgeon Dr. Gabriel H. Chiu, Jr., D.O. have all of these qualifications, he has also received many awards and been seen in numerous media appearances. He is well-recognized in the world of plastic surgery, has the values and ethics of an admirable plastic surgeon, and supports a wide range of charities and non-profit organizations.

Education, Training, and Experience

Dr. Chiu received his undergraduate degree in microbiology and immunology from the University of California, Berkeley in 1989 and graduated from medical school in 1996 with his doctorate degree in osteopathic medicine from the College of Osteopathic Medicine of the Pacific – Western University of Health Sciences in Pomona, California. He completed his internship at Bi-County Community Hospital – Henry Ford Health System in Warren, Michigan before going to Detroit Riverside Hospital – St. John’s Health System in Detroit, Michigan for his residency in general surgery. During his residency, he transferred to Cuyahoga Falls General Hospital in Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio near Cleveland and was chosen as Chief Resident in general surgery. Dr. Chiu is board certified by the American Board of Physician Specialties and specializes in the art of aesthetic plastic surgery.

After his residency, Dr. Chiu completed his fellowship in plastic and reconstructive surgery at the Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. As the Chief Fellow of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, Dr. Chiu supervised the training of medical students, general surgery residents, oromaxillofacial residents, and plastic surgery fellows at Hahnemann University Hospital, the Medical College of Pennsylvania, and St. Christopher’s Hospital for Children in Philadelphia; Westchester Medical Center in Valhalla, NY; and St. Mary’s Medical Center in Langhorne, PA. After Dr. Chiu completed his extensive training in plastic and reconstructive surgery, he returned to southern California to exclusively practice aesthetic plastic surgery in both Encino and Beverly Hills. Dr. Chiu is board certified by the American Board of Physician Specialties in plastic surgery.

The Facility

Dr. Chiu’s private practice, Beverly Hills Plastic Surgery, Inc. (BHPS), is located at 9454 Wilshire Boulevard on the ground floor in the heart of Beverly Hills, California. This full-service plastic and cosmetic surgery facility includes a retail SkinCeuticals skincare lounge, private VIP reception, and luxurious exam rooms for consultations. The spa office is equipped with the latest security, audio, and visual technology. An advanced electronic medical records system is utilized for patient confidentiality, efficiency, and accuracy.


Dr. Chiu and his wife/business partner, Christine, were married on October 22, 2006 in Malibu, California at Stauffer Chapel, Pepperdine University. They live in Beverly Hills with their American Eskimo Dog, Kokonut.


In 2008, Dr. Chiu received the California State Assembly Certificate of Recognition, the State of California Commendation for Dedicated Service to Community and Leadership, and he was recognized as a Western University of Health Sciences Honoree for Exemplary Commitment and Dedication to Medicine. He received Compassionate Doctor Recognition from 2009 through 2012. Dr. Chiu also received the Patient’s Choice Award every year from 2008 through 2012, earning him the Patient’s Choice 5th Anniversary Award. In 2013, he was awarded a certificate of appreciation from the Center for Disease Control and Prevention.

Media Appearances

Dr. Chiu has over 50 media appearances as a reputable plastic surgeon with insight into a variety of subjects.


Beverly Hills Plastic Surgery supports over 40 charities and nonprofits.

If you are interested in plastic surgery in the Beverly Hills area, Dr. Chiu takes the time to fully understand the needs and desires of his patients. It is his goal to provide the best overall experience and results for each of his patients. To schedule your consultation with Dr. Chiu, please call (888) 754-8955 or fill out our online consultation form today.


The Perfect Gift This Holiday… Plastic Surgery!

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As the holidays draw near, the bustling in the streets, airports, nearby shopping malls, and local stores give way to the excitement and cheer of the season. Friends, co-workers, and loved ones are brought together by the festivities that the season has to offer. For most, the holidays are also an indication of some well-deserved relaxation and time off from a demanding job. For plastic surgeons, however, the opposite holds true.

More and more people are choosing the holidays as the opportune time to have plastic surgery. The months of November and December have become increasingly popular, and doctors sometimes struggle to keep up with the demand. Whether the reason for plastic surgery is having extended time off from work or the desire to impress a potential sweetheart at a holiday party, there are important factors that should be considered prior to undergoing any surgical procedure.

First, and foremost, it is essential to allow proper healing time after any cosmetic surgery. Often, recovery requires one to put daily routines aside and to have an ample amount of rest. With the added stress of visiting relatives, cleaning the house, grocery shopping, and cooking that delicious feast are now daunting tasks that require an exertion of effort and energy. Not allowing enough downtime can not only hinder the recovery process, but may actually prolong it. Therefore, holiday activities and traditions will have to take a backseat to healing and recovering.

One’s appearance and self-image are improved through both reconstructive and cosmetic procedures, and the decision to have plastic surgery is not one to be taken lightly. Hence, the motivation for having cosmetic surgery should be based solely on the individual’s desired outcome and not based on the opinions of others.

As the end of the year approaches and New Year’s resolutions are made, the decision to have plastic surgery should be driven by the aspiration to enhance a person’s self-perception after extensive considerations are made. Done for the right reasons, It could be the perfect gift to oneself this holiday season.

So, if plastic surgery is part of your holiday plan, remember to schedule your appointment early to beat the crowds and the holiday rush at the doors!

If you are considering any cosmetic procedure, feel free to contact our Beverly Hills plastic surgeon, Dr. Gabriel Chiu. Together, you can decide which procedure will best achieve your desired appearance. Please call (888) 754-8955 or fill out our online contact form to schedule your consultation with Beverly Hills Plastic Surgery today.


Five Fab Facial Treatments for Glowing Skin and why I LOVE them!

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Young woman with beautiful skin lying down while resting her chin on her hands

*In order of intensity – from gentle to highly active


PCA Sensi Peel

Achieve instant gratification with this mild chemical peel that will leave your skin glowing and feeling tighter and brighter with very little, if any, visible peeling. The Sensi Peel contains a blend of 6% TCA and 12% Lactic Acid along with skin brighteners such as Kojic Acid, Azelaic Acid, Arbutin, and L-Ascorbic Acid (vitamin C), which synergistically help treat sun damage as well as other forms of hyperpigmentation. This multifaceted treatment also provides anti-inflammatory and anti-acne benefits, which make it an excellent option for even the most sensitive skin. I love using the PCA Sensi Peel on first-time peelers because it can be done on all skin types — even the most sensitive. It gently dissolves cellular build up and oil congestion, plumps up fine lines, instantly brightens and tightens, reduces breakouts, and improves skin hydration. For optimal results, I target treat various conditions by layering peptides and serums on top of the peel. Since the peel softens the epidermis, the serums are able to penetrate deeper and be more efficacious.

SilkPeel DermalInfusion Facial

Experience a skin rejuvenating treatment that will leave your skin as smooth as silk with no downtime! This facial incorporates the use of SilkPeel DermalInfusion, an advance, medical-grade microdermabrasion machine that uses a patented diamond-tip vacuum hand piece designed to lift and exfoliate dry, dull outer layers of skin, while simultaneously infusing a customized serum directly into the epidermis to plump up of fine lines, minimize brown spots, and clarify pore congestion. This fully customized treatment is designed to target each client’s individual needs. This treatment always includes deep pore cleansing, targeted extractions, high-frequency pore tightening, and a soothing shoulder massage. Custom a la carte items may also include Cryo Stem Cell Therapy, Galvanic Collagen Mask Infusion, Microcurrent, Neck and Chest brightening, and LED light therapy. Recommended for all skin types.

CryoLift™ Stem Cell Facial

Defy the aging process with this breakthrough facial that combines a microcurrent facelift with specialized DNA CryoStem™ stem cells. The CryoLift™ Stem Cell Facial will help firm, hydrate, and rejuvenate mature skin. The serum in this facial is rich in vitamins, minerals, proteins, elastins, essential fatty acids, natural antioxidants, and fresh frozen collagens. This facial will rejuvenate the skin and correct laxity and other problems caused by photo damage, environmental stress, or the aging process. This facial truly is the answer for mature, dry skin that has aged prematurely!

Breakout Buster

This specialized pore-clarifying facial is customized to your skin type and conditions based on an in-depth skin analysis. A combination of microdermabrasion and/or galvanic disincrustation is applied to soften sebum and prep the skin for thorough extractions. Following extractions, a highly active cocktail of peptides specific to treating varying skin conditions is applied throughout the face and layered with a customized masque. Lastly, a high-frequency electrode is applied over the skin to tighten the pores and oxidize acne-causing bacteria to discourage future breakouts. Recommended for normal to oily skin with pore congestion, but suitable for all skin types.

Perfect Peel

The Perfect Peel is the first chemical peel of its kind to incorporate the mother of all antioxidants — Glutathione. Glutathione is highly effective in lightening pigmentation irregularities and fighting oxidative damage due to aging and environmental stressors. It also contains a synergistic blend of active ingredients, such as, Kojic Acid, Salicylic, TCA, Phenol, Retin-A, and Vitamin C that will stimulate collagen production, soften fine lines and wrinkles, brighten sun damaged skin, refine pores, and reduce breakouts. Patients will shed layers of skin over the course of a week, but the whole process is painless. Once the peeling subsides, the skin will be firmer, smoother, more hydrated, and have a radiant glow!


Granny Hands

Billions of dollars are being spent every year by people wanting to reverse the aging process, or at least look younger than they are. There is so much attention for treatment being placed on the face and neck that people are neglecting another area that will give their age away: the hands.

 First of all, your hands get as much (and sometimes more) sun exposure than your face. Next, we rarely, if ever, use sunblock on our hands. We also rarely use skin care on them. Sure many people have manicures, but who do you know is regularly applying exfoliants, moisturizers, or skin lightening agents on the hands? Since applying makeup to the hands is not common practice, not even concealer tricks can prevent the appearance of ‘granny hands’. Finally, just about the only place we wish we could add some weight as we get older are our hands. We associate thin skin, exposed tendons and bones, sun spots, and loss of volume in our hands with aging. It’s no wonder that our hands give away our true age.

 However, what are some other reasons that may cause hands to age?

Sun exposure causing actinic damage (discoloration, lines, thinning), lack of protection (not using moisturizers, excess exposure to temp extremes, rough work), chemical exposure (cleansers, acids, ammonia).

 How can you avoid having aged hands?

Limit exposure to sun and use protection. All skin care products that are placed on the face and neck can also be used on the back of the hands. A good habit is to apply excess facial products (moisturizers, skin lightening or brightening, etc.) on them whenever applied to the face. Our SPA patients have ‘hand-cials’ during their facials, and chemical peels to hand and face concurrently.

 What can you do if your hands are already looking their age?

Chemical peels will improve pigmentation, lines, wrinkles, stimulate collagen production (to thicken skin), and brighten the skin. Basically, reverse the signs of aging. This can also be done over the long term by using medical grade skin care products containing growth factors, stem cells, hormones, and ingredients that stimulate collagen production.

If loss of volume is a concern, restoration using fillers such as Radiesse or Restylane can correct the problem.

Is plastic surgery a reasonable option? Why/why not?

Plastic surgery is a very good alternative for someone wanting more permanent, longer lasting results than what they get with filler alone. It is also a more natural result for someone with very thin skin. Fat is harvested and purified for injection into the back of the hands. Not only does this procedure restore the loss of volume, but the adipose (fat) stem cells will also stimulate an anti-aging effect to occur.


How to Prepare for a Tummy Tuck

Even though your tummy tuck (abdominoplasty) surgery may be weeks away, it is never too early to begin getting ready for your procedure. When preparing to undergo abdominoplasty, you may feel a bit overwhelmed. To make it easier for you, we have come up with a guide to help ensure that your body is completely ready for the procedure.

The following will enable your body to recover swiftly and effectively:

  • Exercise during the days leading up to surgery to boost your immune system and keep your body safe from infection after the tummy tuck is complete. Yoga, swimming, and weightlifting are great ways to get your entire body in shape. Just make sure not to overdo it on the abdominal exercises.

  • Be sure to consume a diet that contains an ample amount of protein in order to help the incisions heal in a timely manner. Foods such as chicken, fish, and eggs are great ways to not only prepare your body for abdominoplasty, but also speed up your metabolism in the process.

  • Do NOT smoke at least two weeks before your tummy tuck surgery. This is one of the most important guidelines to follow because smoking can cause complications to arise with anesthesia during surgery and delay wound healing afterwards. To ensure a safe and proper recovery, you should also refrain from smoking until the incisions are completely closed and you return to your normal routine.

  • You should always avoid taking any anti-inflammatory medication for the first few weeks before and after your tummy tuck. Anti-inflammatory drugs such as aspirin, ibuprofen (e.g., Advil or Motrin), and naproxen (e.g., Aleve) can increase bleeding during and after surgery. For this reason, it is best to avoid these over-the-counter medications to lower your risk for bleeding.

During your consultation, Dr. Gabriel Chiu will thoroughly discuss these preoperative guidelines as well as instruct you what you need to do postoperatively.

At Beverly Hills Plastic Surgery, we strive to provide you with the safest and most effective tummy tuck procedure possible. To schedule your abdominoplasty, call (888) 754-8955 or fill out our online consultation form today.