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The Miracle Growth Benefits of Latisse for Your Eyelashes

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Long, dark eyelashes can be a very distinctive facial feature, not to mention an extremely desirable one. Those long lashes make the eyes pop and can be used to convey unspoken emotions with a wink or a flutter. For those who lack in the lustrous lash department, a topical medication called Latisse may just be the answer to all of your lash dreams. Used for the prescription treatment of inadequate eyelash growth, it can effectively increase lash length, darkness and fullness, as well as provide its users with several other benefits.

About Latisse

Surprisingly enough, Latisse was discovered by accident. A glaucoma study inadvertently discovered that when a test medicine was applied to the eyes of glaucoma patients, their lashes were becoming longer and darker. Latisse was then developed and approved by the FDA for this new, cosmetic purpose.

The specifics of exactly how this miracle growth serum works are a bit of a mystery. Studies suggest that Latisse extends the growth phase of hair, producing longer and denser eyelashes. It also increases the width of the hair bulb, which make the lashes thicker.

According to a 16 week study, the following results were experienced after the participants used Latisse:

  • Lash length increased by 25 percent
  • Eyelash darkness increased by 18 percent
  • The thickness and the fullness of the lashes increased by106 percent

How It’s Used

One great benefit of Latisse is that it is safe and effective for most people to use. Treatment involves the daily application of the serum to the base of the upper lashes. Through the process of blinking, the lower eyelashes are automatically able to receive the serum. By using the supplied, sterile applicators, patients are able to ensure the safety of their eyes and avoid possible infections or reactions. Patients will need to use this product for several months to achieve the best and most apparent results, and continued use is necessary for maintaining the newfound length, darkness and fullness.

Getting Luscious Lashes With Latisse

For years now, Latisse has been helping patients with sparse lash growth get fuller and darker eyelashes that can definitely make an impression. This scientifically-based, prescription-strength “miracle growth” product has built a strong reputation. Celebrities like Claire Danes, Brooke Shields and Mad Men star Christina Hendricks have all been spokespersons, and its popularity increases as the results become more widely known. If you are interested in Latisse and taking the first step towards lush lashes, contact Beverly Hills Plastic Surgery today for a consultation. We’ll help answer any questions you may have and help you take your first steps towards fluttering those luxurious lashes.






Keller Funnel Reduces Scarring During Breast Augmentation

Posted in Breast Augmentation

Year after year, breast augmentation continues to hold its ground as the leading plastic surgery procedure performed. Thanks to advances in technology and techniques, patients now have more options when it comes to this curve enhancing experience. One newer option that has fairly recently come into play is called the Keller Funnel. For patients that are using silicone implants to increase breast size, this innovative device offers many substantial advantages.


What is it & How Does it Work?

Invented by Dr. Kevin Keller, the Keller Funnel is a cone-shaped device that gently delivers the silicone implant into the breast pocket, without the implant touching the skin .


When used in breast augmentation procedures, the tip of the funnel is placed into the incision on the breast. Normally, since silicone implants are pre-filled, these incisions need to be longer when being inserted by hand. However, with the Keller Funnel, shorter incisions can be made on the skin for implant delivery.


Once the surgeon is ready, the implant is put into the device. On the inside of this funnel is a hydrophilic coating that creates a slick and slippery surface for delivering the implant. Using the gentlest of approaches, the implant is then propelled easily into place.


What Are The Benefits?

The Keller Funnel can bring many benefits to patients who opt to have it used in their breast surgery. One being that the ease in which the implant is delivered by the device minimizes the potential for implant damage. Standard breast augmentation with pre-filled implants involves a degree of pushing, poking, prodding and pulling. By lessening the amount of force and stress placed on the implant shell during insertion, the chances for mishandling complications are reduced.


Additionally, the device offers a no-touch technique that can be very beneficial in the terms of safety and health. Since the implant isn’t handled by the doctor and doesn’t come into contact with latex or the skin during delivery, the chances of bacterial contamination are minimized, as well as the risk of capsular contracture and infection.


Scarring is often a common concern for patients when it comes to breast augmentation. As a rule, the larger the incisions, the larger the scars. So with this in mind, a breast augmentation with the Keller Funnel offers patients the great benefit of minimizing scars due to shorter incision lengths. Other advantages to the Keller Funnel procedure include:


  • More incision location options
  • Shorter operating times
  • Faster healing and more comfort
  • Less trauma to breast tissue


Learn More About Keller Funnel & Breast Augmentation

From the time of its inception in 2009, this device has revolutionized the way silicone breast augmentations are performed and has effectively improved the experience for patients. If you are considering the procedure to help you achieve your body goals, schedule a consultation Beverly Hills Plastic Surgery today or call us at 310.888.8087 if you have any questions.



Top 5 Reasons Cosmetic Surgery can boost your Professional Career

A growing trend is making its way onto the professional world. Though it is unwritten (and unspoken), it is just as effective as any other credential. Cosmetic surgery is becoming more prevalent as one of the steps professionals take to make themselves more appealing to employers.


Studies indicate candidates are getting cosmetic surgery to further their chances of getting hired (and getting ahead). The reason – studies also show that it works. It only makes sense that physical improvements to promote one’s best self is just as important as experience, education and references are to a resume.


As the newer cosmetic treatments and procedures become more common, affordable and less of a stigma, the new fill-and-go movement is becoming as standard as the mani-pedi. Cosmetic procedures and treatments are exploding into new territories and expanding beyond beautification. The biggest trends are being experienced in the corporate world. Here are the top 5 reasons individuals are using aesthetics to gain a competitive edge and go further (and faster) in their career.

Cosmetic Surgery Helps Getting Job

  1. To Get Hired


Liz Wolgemuth suggests in her usnews.com article, “Take Your Resume and Shove It” that we can initially use cosmetic surgery to get hired. Employers are looking beyond the resume in more ways than one. Not only is appearance a conscious or unconscious piece of selection criterion, but researching social media tells them what kind of person they’re hiring.


An easy way to determine whether someone is fluffing their resume is to look them up on popular Facebook and Linkedin profiles to see how potential candidates act in their personal life. Consulting groups now offer the ability to clean up one’s social profile as one of the consultation services that helps individuals gain employment. It’s an invasion of privacy for sure, but once it’s out there, it’s free knowledge for anyone to access and review.  Ugly uploads (and posts) can promote or destroy one’s chance at the perfect position. So can the selfies we take. To be considered for a position, it seems a lot easier to post only those things we would want an employer to see.

  1. To Appear More Confident

In the New York Times (Your Money), April 24, 2015 article, Noninvasive Cosmetic Surgery Can Deliver Confidence, at a Cost, author Paul Sullivan provides a logical theory surrounding our appearance as we perceive it. It is distracting and a strong indication of low self esteem when people attempt to hide unattractive features when they speak. It may be obvious, it may not. The point is, the speaker knows it’s there. He or she may have a blemish, scar, droop or other impairment that impacts the way they effectively communicate with others in a business setting.


Teeth are big ticket items in dental cosmetics (i.e., whitening, straightening, over bites, under bites, etc.). Not only can it be the easiest way to improve a head shot (removing discoloration), but can drastically improve one’s speech. Eliminating lisps and stuttering can boost confidence faster than any other procedure or treatment. More invasive procedures could include nose, jaws, cheeks and orbital surgeries. However, these typically correct (instead of enhance) bigger issues and are considered within the more complicated realm of plastic surgery, which has had less of a contribution to these studies.

  1. To Appear Younger

There are EEO policies against age discrimination for a reason. Corporations have been sued (successfully) so many times that they got smarter and expediently terminate someone if HR deems any incident (including hiring or firing) was a direct result of discrimination. Because most companies implement a zero tolerance policy, decisions based on age are either unconscious or undisclosed (to avoid being accused). Job applicants are forced into an underworld of tricks of the trade and physical enhancements to appear younger. Age related products, procedures and treatments account for a significant number of total procedures conducted in the last few years. Those numbers are growing.


Available products hide gray hair, moisturize, tone, cleanse and tighten skin temporarily. Treatments involve things like chemical peels, laser resurfacing and Botox to promote more youthful skin (without commitment of a full face lift). These, too, have a limited life span. Hair transplants and liposuction are longer-term cosmetic procedures that provide permanence but are still on an outpatient basis.


Full blown plastic surgeries other areas of life impacting much more than career advancement. These involve longer recovery, more painful procedures like augmentations, reductions, grafting, implants and skin lifts (of eyelids, breasts or any other portion of skin) that are more permanent.  

  1. To Climb the Corporate Ladder

Joseph T. Halford and Hung-Chia Hsu set out to prove the link between appearance and success in their paper, “BEAUTY IS WEALTH: CEO APPEARANCE AND SHAREHOLDER VALUE”. Halford and Hsu obtained a Facial Attractiveness Index (FAI) from Anaface.com and compared 667 CEOs based on their facial geometry, symmetry and a combination of other features (such as weight and height) with financial and corporate success statistics.


What they reported was the people ranking higher on the FAI index received higher compensation rates, got promoted faster, had better negotiations and got hired faster. Corporations with CEO’s that were higher on the FAI achieved higher stock (to the tune of 1.17% more) and more successful mergers.


The report drew a direct link to attractiveness and success, attributing characteristics that projected strength, dependability, trustworthiness, intelligence, amicability, confidence and power. These are all vital features to any employer. Why wouldn’t they be? They have documented and proven success.

  1. To Be Competitive

Corporations are just as interested in competitiveness as individuals. The CEO’s they hire become the “face” of the company. Marketing and sales strategies are often centered around a branding partnership between the product (or service) and their reputation for reliability, trustworthiness, intelligence, confidence and customer satisfaction.


The CEO is often the first company’s first impression. They’re basically another corporate tool used in an effective marketing campaign. If companies note the importance of what the CEO’s face says about their product or service, so should individuals looking to fill similar positions.


The American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery reports that, among last year’s most prominent trends, about two thirds of its members reported seeing men and women who requested cosmetic surgery because they wanted to remain competitive in the workplace. It’s no wonder.


Turns out, beautiful people really DO get all the breaks. According to Gordon Patzer, author of “Looks: Why They Matter More Than You Ever Imagined”, a long list of study results points to the advantages of being more attractive than most. From the responsiveness of how attractive newborns are held more to higher expectations of better-looking individuals, the numbers indicate there are definite advantages to being beautiful. Those deemed more attractive got more dates, more attention, more praise, better grades (with less effort), higher paying jobs (again, with less effort), and were generally happier.

Not much data was presented or even conducted on entry level and blue collar positions. This may because the concept is exactly the opposite where brawn means more than looks. As long as backdoor stereotyping still exists, those wanting to get ahead will take it to heart and determine which physical attributes will give them a leg up in the job market. The results don’t lie. Cosmetic procedures work!  


Natural Breast Augmentation: An Alternative to Implants

Posted in Breast Enhancement

Many women wish that their breasts could be larger and fuller than they currently are. However, it’s true that not everyone sees artificial implants and major surgery as a part of the personal goals they have for their body. In such cases, a procedure called natural breast augmentation, may be just the right fit.


As an alternative to implants, it uses unwanted, stubborn fat from other parts of the body to enlarge the breasts. In doing so, locations where fat was taken are artistically sculpted and improved as an added benefit. While this best of both worlds scenario may sound too good to be true, for many patients, it can be
the real solution to achieving the natural results they long for.


How Does it Work?

In order to enhance the size and shape of the breasts, natural breast augmentation combines different steps and procedures. First, an advanced liposuction technique is used to remove portions of unwanted fat from areas such as the butt, thighs or back.


Once the fat has been suctioned away, it is then purified and injected into the breasts to increase volume.Not only can this form of augmentation be used to address dissatisfaction with smaller breasts, it can also be used for improving asymmetry issues or reconstruction after breast cancer.


How Does it Compare to Implants?

When comparing breast enlargement with fat transfer to that of implants, there are quite a few distinct differences. For example, natural breast augmentation is able to increase breast size noticeably, but in a more subtle and natural way. In general, the procedure can increase breasts up to 1/2 to 1 cup sizes. For larger enhancement goals, surgery with one of the different implant types may be a better option.


Another difference is that natural breast augmentation provides contouring of other areas of the body. This can result in an improvement of the overall figure, whereas implants are only focused on breast enlargement. Other aspects and benefits of natural breast augmentation include:

Beautiful young girl is showing her underwear

  • No general anesthesia
  • Minimal incisions
  • Reduced scarring
  • Breasts look and feel more natural
  • Capsular contracture and rippling aren’t risks
  • No implant replacement/removal factors involved
  • Faster recovery with minimal downtime


A Natural Way to Achieve Fuller Breasts

Essentially, what natural breast augmentation boils down to is a safe procedure which transfers from one trouble spot to increase and better another area. In the past, the idea of this may have just been a distant daydream for women, but now, modern advances in technology and plastic surgery have made it all safely possible. If you are interested in increasing the size of your breasts naturally and without implants, contact our Beverly Hills office today. Experienced surgeon Dr. Gabriel Chiu and his staff will carefully review your situation and your goals, to help determine which procedure is right for you.


Ultherapy: A Non-Invasive Procedure for “Tightening” the Skin

Posted in Non Surgical Face Lift

Age can come with some pretty wonderful benefits. However, many people don’t feel that the signs of age are exactly some of the greatest things life has to offer. Over time, as the skin loses its elasticity and begins to sag, it manages to add years onto a person’s appearance. Saggy, wrinkled skin can make a person look older than they are and feel.


Various procedures and treatments offer the chance for individuals to reverse the effects of time and restore a more youthful firmness to their skin. Facelifts can produce some extremely effective results, but not everyone desires to achieve their aesthetic goals with surgery. For such individuals, Ultherapy may be the perfect solution to giving sagging skin an uplifting boost.


How Ultherapy Works

Ultherapy is a safe, FDA approved method of rejuvenating the skin of the neck and face by utilizing ultrasound technology. The first step involves customizing the treatment to the patient through a visualization of the skin’s tissues created by imaging.


Next, ultrasound waves are used to target and heat deep layers of tissue where collagen is found. After that collagen has been broken down, the body’s natural response is to rebuild and produce new collagen, which restores lost elasticity. Loose skin is lifted and becomes tighter and more toned, with results that continue to gradually develop within three or four months after the treatment.


More Uplifting Benefits

Although this procedure is not a replacement for facelift surgery, it does offer a wide range of advantages to patients longing for a non-invasive way to get natural-looking results for their skin. In general, these results can last quite long, with patients experiencing fresh collagen for up to a year after the treatment. Additional benefits of Ultherapy include the following:

  • It’s Quick, taking only about 1 hour
  • No general anesthesia is needed
  • There’s no downtime or recovery needed
  • Side effects are generally limited and mild in nature, including temporary redness and tenderness.



Discovering if Ultherapy is Right For You

Time can take its toll on the appearance, but modern advances are really stepping up their game. Ultherapy combines technological innovation with the body’s natural healing process to counter unwanted signs of age in a way that’s both safe and convenient for patients. If you are considering this procedure for your skin, and would like to discover if it’s the best approach to achieving your unique goals, contact Beverly Hills Plastic Surgery today.